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How to Command 50-200% Higher Fees to Scale your Agency

Achieving sustainable growth for your agency might be the ultimate goal, but how you actually get there might surprise you. Don’t miss this opportunity to get expert advice from someone who’s helped dozens of consulting agencies double their fees and add millions of dollars in growth to their business. In this discussion, we’ll walk you through what it takes to scale your agency so you can free up time to focus on accelerating profit.

What to expect:

  • Get insight into how you can step back from your day-to-day to and attract the right clients to your consulting agency

  • Ask Mandi all your questions about commanding higher fees with offers that are easier to sell

  • Walk away with an actionable plan for how you can double your current fees and ensure rapid growth for your agency

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Logan Lyles
Head of Partnerships at Teamwork.com
Logan Lyles
Head of Partnerships at Teamwork.com

Logan Lyles is the Head of Partnerships at Teamwork, a project management platform built for scaling client work. Logan previously served in several leadership roles at Sweet Fish, a B2B podcast agency serving mid-market SaaS companies. Taking over sales from the agency founder in 2018, Logan helped triple the business in his first 6 months. He also played a key role in landing the agency on the Inc 5,000 List (twice), while helping the company both 10x headcount and increase ARR by 1,283%. Logan works from his home office (that’s slowly becoming a mini video studio) alongside his labradoodle, Mack, in Castle Rock, CO.

Mandi Ellefson
Founder of Hands-Off CEO
Mandi Ellefson
Founder of Hands-Off CEO

Mandi Ellefson is the founder of Hands-Off CEO. She and her team scale million dollar consulting agencies, with less reliance on the CEO. She helps them first generate more cash to scale with an irresistible offer that's easier to sell. And attracts clients that pay 50-200% higher fees– in 90 days or less. Then helps the CEO free up time to focus up to 1/2 of their work week on accelerating profits.

Her clients have added 5 figures of net profit every month. Added millions of dollars in sales, and some have exited the day-to-day so they can scale growth or even sell the business.

Mandi is a published author and host of the Hands-Off CEO Podcast. In her free time she loves to travel, mountain bike, and go on outdoor adventures with her husband and two sweet girls.

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