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TriviumVet delivers advanced animal therapeutics faster with Teamwork

TriviumVet delivers advanced animal therapeutics faster with Teamwork
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Waterford, Ireland

TriviumVet develops medication, therapies, and medical devices for companion animals, dogs, cats and horses. Their team identifies chronic illnesses that don’t have a standard of care established and then research and develop innovative, effective products that can be used widely in the veterinary market; 85% of people consider their pet to be part of the family and TriviumVet believe they deserve the best, cutting edge medical care to live longer, healthier lives.

TriviumVet, headquartered in Waterford, Ireland, takes this groundbreaking medical care from the concept phase all the way through approval and registration with the EMA, the European Medicines Agency in Europe, and the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.

Sarah O’Connor, Head of Commercial Operations at TriviumVet, said that their team turned to Teamwork two years ago to help streamline their processes and track every detail in their complicated, high-stakes projects. “We have so many projects running simultaneously, and we work with lots of different partners from locations all over the world. Teamwork lets us track progress accurately and easily,” she said.

Zero visibility

The development of any new product is a lengthy, detail-driven journey of tasks, data, questions, course corrections, deadlines, and idea-swapping. For medical products, the process is even more intense with long approval cycles, deadlines and exact standards for production.

TriviumVet was always on the search for better tools to help them manage their workload and communicate with each other, but team members kept falling back to the standards of data collection: Excel, Word, and even notes on paper. Sharing ideas and files was difficult, and no matter how many meetings they had, there was always another detail that needed further discussion.

" We were always chasing people with questions and needing to follow up. We wasted so much time reviewing everyone’s progress on individual tasks because we didn’t have reporting tools that let us see all of the tasks and which ones had been completed. There was no way to see if intermediate deadlines had been made, which deadlines were coming off the rails, or who was responsible for specific tasks. Sarah decided to try Teamwork to help organize their workflows. She had used the software at a previous job, and she wanted to see if this team could use Teamwork to get a better handle on each project’s details and have accurate reporting tools, too.

Single platform simplicity

Onboarding went smoothly, due to the support the team got throughout their trial and live webinars where team members could ask individual questions and get answers in real time. “I had some concerns about getting everyone on boarded to Teamwork because we’re a multigenerational team of people from their 20s up to their 50s. But as soon as everyone started using it, they loved it! Especially some people who were initially unsure of the technology,” said Sarah.

New product development has gotten a huge boost at every stage of the process. Gantt charts are an excellent visual tool for charting out progress during long regulatory pathways that can stretch into years. Tracking tasks and setting priorities on a daily basis is very simple using reporting tools to check for overdue items and upcoming milestones.

Having all tasks and materials in one location has improved transparency, which means fewer meetings. Communication within the team takes place in Chat so questions can be answered in minutes, not hours or days.

Using Teamwork has also significantly reduced inbox clutter, but the TriviumVet team hasn’t given up email completely. It’s still an important tool for communication with outside vendors and clients, especially with features that allow anyone to create a task from an email or get task reminders via email.

Sharing content with outside vendors and stakeholders has been simplified using the email features or adding them as users, and then using permission settings to ensure that they have access to only the documents they need.

More time, less hassle

With up to 30 active projects going simultaneously, any small efficiency has a ripple effect — everything gets easier in every direction. “One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen with Teamwork is the ability to pivot. When we have delays in one area, we know how and where to redirect resources to overdue tasks and catch up,” said Sarah. “This software helps us work smarter.”

Time that used to be wasted searching for materials or finding the file with the most recent changes is now being used to complete more tasks. Now everyone is using Teamwork, which means that each team member has the ability to know what tasks are ahead and what materials they need to accomplish them.

This improved efficiency not only is better for the bottom line, it helps TriviumVet create advanced health solutions for pets even faster.

"All the hype is true. Teamwork is such a great piece of software that has improved our company from the inside. If you are thinking about it then just do it, you won't be sorry."

– Sarah O’Connor, Head of Commercial Operations at TriviumVet