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How Teamwork provided Search Station with the visibility they were looking for

How Teamwork provided Search Station with the visibility they were looking for
Company Name
Search Station
Digital Marketing Agency
Gloucester, UK

Search Station is a fast-growing digital and paid media agency, co-founded by David Wilkinson in 2019. 

Located in Barnwood, Gloucester, Search Station acts as a digital growth partner to a diverse range of clients, providing services such as pay-per-click, copywriting and web design. 

David Wilkinson, Co-Founder and Director of Search Station, caught up with us to chat about how Teamwork provided the overview and visibility he and his team needed to power through workloads effectively, driving productivity across the agency.

The need for a tool that goes above and beyond

Managing a high volume of projects simultaneously can be a challenging task, even to the most experienced marketing wizards. In order to manage their growing workload effectively, the team at Search Station decided to give Trello a whirl. Although Trello provided the agency with visibility of the tasks at hand, it did little to help them organize and manage these tasks.

“We'd have to look into the calendar to see everybody's tasks. There was just a wall of tasks so you could easily forget yours or it could be hidden away in different boards. It all got a bit much.”

Search Station underwent an overhaul earlier this year when the team shifted to a new office and promptly decided to refresh their legacy systems at the same time to keep up with their rapidly growing business. “The idea was to have a total refresh. We got new offices. We got a new way of working. We chose Teamwork.”

Enter, Teamwork!

David and his team were sold on Teamwork when they learned they could track the time spent on each client directly on the platform. “Before, we were using Trello and tracking time on a spreadsheet and it didn't really work. We wouldn't have been as strict as we should have been with client time.”

Time tracking in Teamwork has made reporting profitability and billing a breeze for the Search Station team in comparison to logging their time on Trello or on a spreadsheet. Armed with the ability to show clients exactly how much time goes into producing work for them, David and his team were able to demonstrate their efforts for each client easily.

Another key feature which drew the Search Station team to Teamwork were Task Lists which enabled them to categorize each task and organize their workloads. When asked how this Task Lists improved Search Station’s experience at work, David replied, "Accountability, big time. The way that we've set it up, there are a lot of weekly tasks to check negative keywords and align budgets. This keeps every team member accountable for completing these tasks.”

Teamwork’s Dashboard and Calendar also play a key part in making sure everything runs smoothly at Search Station. These tools have been integral to enabling the Search Station team to view milestones, conduct pulse checks of their accounts and keep abreast of what needs to be done each day.

Teamwork has made a splash!

When asked to recount how Teamwork has helped the Search Station achieve their business goals, David explained that using Teamwork was much easier for the business to use than other software and products, such as Trello. From providing visibility to ensuring accountability across the agency, Teamwork has been the all-in-one tool that Search Station needed to provide great service to their clients.

“Teamwork has given us the visibility and accountability we’ve been after for a long time! It’s a big hit with the Search Station team and is a huge part of our day-to-day activity here.”

– David Wilkinson, Search Station Director of Search and Co-Founder