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How The Content Lab increased productivity and efficiency with Teamwork

How The Content Lab increased productivity and efficiency with Teamwork
Abby Wood, Founder and CEO
Company Name
The Content Lab
Digital Marketing Agency
Waterford, Ireland

The Content Lab is a fast-growing content development agency that offers their services to digital agencies looking to outsource the development of their content marketing assets.

Located in Waterford, Ireland, The Content Lab offers their white-label content development services to digital agencies across the world, supporting them with client work, as well as their own digital content.

Abby Wood, Content Strategist at The Content Lab, caught up with us to chat about how Teamwork provided the overview and visibility they needed to help her team power through deadlines and workloads effectively, driving productivity across the agency.

  • The Content Lab has managed outputs for over 120 satisfied clients to date.

  • They have completed more than 280 projects

  • They have been using Teamwork to manage their operational and content development processes for the past 5 years

Challenges: The need for a one-stop-shop

Managing high-level workflows and the content development processes is no easy feat. Starting out, Abby founded The Content Lab and managed her client projects using basic, inexpensive tools, opting to communicate with her team and clients through email, and handling workflows on a whiteboard. 

However, as her agency grew along with her list of clients, these methods became a barrier to successfully managing projects and communicating effectively with her team and clients. 

Sifting through a sea of emails to find important information became a laborious task and Abby soon realized that the numerous clients, projects and outputs she was handling had no place on a whiteboard.

How Teamwork Helped: Efficiency, visibility and productivity - All in one place

When it came to shopping for the right project management tool, Abby’s priorities were to have an overview of statuses and processes, easy access to projects and documents, and the ability to feedback on these projects with ease. Most importantly, she needed a tool that would handle the legwork when it came to pinging reminders to her team on details that are easily forgotten.

Abby and her team were sold on Teamwork’s user-friendly layout and flexibility. Regular reminders meant that Abby and her team could keep on top of tasks and their deadlines. The wide range of features, such as its seamless management of repeat tasks, visual and accurate representation of where tasks are in terms of timelines and overall accessibility were a treat for Abby and her team, as they continued to expand and onboard new clients. These features, especially the management of recurring tasks and the regular, timely notifications that came with it, were not available to Abby and her team outside of a project management tool.

These new features not only helped The Content Lab team organize their processes, it also allowed the team to track the amount of time they spent working on tasks to provide insights into how much time the team was spending on each project, allowing them to bill clients accordingly.

“We had a huge amount of work going on and it got to the point where we thought there must be a solution out there to make this easier and keep a record of everything. It's easy to write important information down but that can be forgotten. With Teamwork, you can set reminders and organize all the details so that everything is in one place.”

Results: A tool that delivers

Teamwork’s variety of features are an integral cog in this content development machine. Having this tool at hand led to a number of benefits for The Content Lab team.

Abby and her team have streamlined their processes, making them more efficient than ever. From content ideation and drafting to editing, Teamwork’s clear and concise layout allows the team to organize large amounts of information and provide high-quality service to their diverse range of clients. 

Client collaboration was also a key aspect for Abby and her team. By adding their clients to their Teamwork account, The Content Lab was able to streamline feedback processes, as clients could now access outputs directly through Teamwork to review, comment on tasks, and get full visibility over the work being done for them. Given the added efficiency and easy onboarding, it wasn’t hard for Abby and her team to convince their clients to collaborate with them on Teamwork.

“It helps us streamline production. It helps us keep efficient. It helps us communicate with our clients easily. It's reliable.”

Teamwork’s intuitive approach to laying out client work, and business development tasks allows Abby and The Content Lab team to focus on the most important parts of their job, managing clients and delivering great outputs that exceed expectations.