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How Global Call Forwarding dials into workflow optimization with Teamwork

How Global Call Forwarding dials into workflow optimization with Teamwork
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Global Call Forwarding - a leading provider of international virtual phone numbers and global SIP trunking solutions – is known for its reliable and responsive services. Thousands of multinational customers rely on Global Call Forwarding each day to seamlessly connect to its advanced network of local and global phone numbers.

Founded in 2007 by its parent company, United World Telecom, Global Call Forwarding started as an answer to the rapidly changing telecom industry transitioning from traditional callback services to new call forwarding solutions. Since then, they’ve expanded operations to the APAC region and built an impressive customer base, becoming a leading provider of local and international toll-free numbers for businesses all over the world.

While the company was building a reputation for streamlining processes, its internal marketing team was struggling to cohesively work together to maximize productivity. The team had realized there was a gap in its content production, but when they focused on ramping up, they quickly hit some pitfalls.

Bulent Erkaya, COO at Global Call Forwarding, explained everyone at the time relied heavily on Microsoft Office and Outlook, which created major inefficiencies in how teams collaborated, updated, and automated projects – especially while managing a large team of freelancers.

"I knew we needed to implement a project management tool to help us manage multiple projects with varying hierarchies simultaneously,” said Erkaya. “We tried several different solutions before settling on Teamwork.”

Quick implementation leads to increased content production

Global Call Forwarding knows the importance of providing functional and easy-to-use services. After all, the company’s mission is to help businesses expand globally with its simple and localized telecom solutions. 

So as they were implementing Teamwork, Erkaya and his marketing team were quickly sold when they discovered just how simple the platform was to use. Additionally, they were impressed with Teamwork’s onboarding experience. 

"Teamwork’s user interface was easy to understand," said Erkaya. "Our team learned how to use the platform quickly. That allowed us to better collaborate between copywriters almost instantly.”

For Global Call Forwarding, their content production efforts are essential toward driving new business. With an arsenal of Teamwork features at their side, they were able to streamline workflows with their freelancers by organizing projects more efficiently with Teamwork’s Table View and Board View

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As a result, the marketing team was able to double their traditional content output during a peak production phase with the help of Teamwork.

"Within a couple of weeks, we had implemented more efficient processes for working with over 10 freelancers and a little later, our in-house team began using the time-tracking feature to successfully increase their output,” said Erkaya.

Calling in the IT department to Teamwork

As the COO, Bulent also oversees the information technology team at Global Call Forwarding. Once he saw the marketing team successfully collaborating on various projects with internal and external team members, it was an easy decision to get his IT department on Teamwork as well.

Luke Genoyer, a business development manager for Global Call Forwarding, explained that what should’ve been a stressful transitional period, their marketing and IT teams were actually able to organize their tasks and keep an eye on their systems and processes, allowing them to increase their output and grow their revenue.

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In fact, with Teamwork’s help, Global Call Forwarding introduced a Softphone with inbound and outbound calling, call transfer, and native Windows, iOS, and Android apps in 2020. They also launched a brand new online control panel in 2021 to help customers easily navigate their account settings, order new numbers, and modify various service options.

"Teamwork helped our IT department ship major projects to market and bring new product features to customers that would’ve taken twice as long without it,” Genoyer explained. “We’ve saved money too. It would’ve easily cost us double the resources to get the same work done.”

Maintaining collaboration through a global pandemic

In the throes of 2020, numerous companies were forced to pivot and make tough business decisions about unfamiliar things like handling remote work. Global Call Forwarding knew it needed a solution for how its employees would continue to work together across various projects, but now in a remote world.

Fortunately for the company, they already had the perfect solution to maintain production and keep the collaboration going strong. Getting more of the workforce involved allowed them to continue to streamline projects and communicate similarly to pre-pandemic levels.

"Teamwork helped us approach the shift to remote work with transparency,” said Erkaya. “It made it easy for us to remain aligned and keep our processes moving while giving everyone visibility of our work. It’s been integral to our growth while working remotely.”

Genoyer and Erkaya are both confident to associate their successful remote work transition to Teamwork. Through 2020 and into 2021, Genoyer shared that they saw a 163% increase in monthly business accounts opened since using Teamwork. 

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At the same time, the company saw a 40% decrease in cost per acquisition. For Erkaya, it has helped to have a bird’s-eye view of his team’s production even with everyone working remotely. Part of the success has come from identifying problems before they exist – something they couldn’t do before Teamwork.

Genoyer believes that the marketing and IT teams will continue to thrive as they explore Teamwork’s tools and features. 

"The web app is just really easy to use,” said Genoyer. “I’ve personally tried other project management and productivity tools and they’ve all made my workflows more confusing and complicated. Teamwork just simplifies everything and really facilitates internal communication.”