A two-way flow of information is key, and our new partner is making it happen!

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While working from home has been a welcome change for a large fraction of the workforce, it does not come without its own set of caveats. Project management tools have aided in this en masse shift to remote work greatly, but many organizations have faced a recurring issue over the past few months; siloed tasks and processes, and lack of visibility across multiple platforms.

So we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Unito, a one-stop collaboration tool which addresses this very issue!

Maintaining efficiency

Unito’s unique approach to improving workplace efficiency makes it a welcome addition to Teamwork’s growing list of integrations. This is, in no small part, due to Unito’s distinctive bi-directional live task and project-syncing feature.

While syncing is not unheard of, no other workflow management solution does what Unito can do. Similar solutions such as Zapier and Integromat run on a trigger-based mode of operation. In essence, this means that if a user makes changes within tool A, this triggers tool B to reflect this change, creating a one-way flow of data syncing.

With Unito, however, users only have to set up a connection between their tools once – Unito takes care of the rest. For example, if a user were to create a task on Teamwork to be carried over to Jira, one of Unito’s range of partners, this information will travel both ways and any progress made in the synced fields  on Jira will reflect on your Teamwork dashboard. 

Here’s a list of the fields you can currently sync to — and from — Teamwork:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Status

  • Due Date

Preventing siloes and streamlining workflows

Constantly managing back and forth syncing of information and updates across multiple platforms is where most teams face an uphill struggle. The lack of visibility, paired with the additional time required to input updates manually often drives a team’s focus away from the more value-added parts of their business, like offering stellar customer service or spending time on more creative, strategic tasks.

Unito’s live updates and ‘plug and play’ style integration has streamlined the ‘work’ in ‘teamwork’!

Use Case: Teamwork + Jira

Take Jira, for instance. Its user-base primarily contains three types of personas: developers who want to increase communication and process with testing teams, team leads who want to better organize development projects and get issues solved, faster, and testing teams who use Jira to raise technical issues 

For instance, if the testing team finds a bug, they log it as an issue in Jira for the team of developers to review and fix. Using the Unito integration, a corresponding task will automatically be created in Teamwork so that members of the sales, support, or business teams get full visibility over what is being worked on, and can keep clients in the loop if they experience the same issue.  Once the fix is in place, and the task is closed, the Unito sync will automatically close the issue in Teamwork — meaning all teams are up to date in real time, and no issues are missed. 

Teamwork’s partnership with Unito meets the demands of cross-team collaboration for projects on Jira. It ensures that new information is available to all members of the team in real time, maintaining the level of visibility needed to prevent siloed teams.

Furthermore, it enables the various teams to sync internally. This means that teams no longer have to be together physically in order to collaborate on a project.

See the integration in action


Isolated workflows can be a productivity-killer, affecting the level and quality of output. Maintaining visibility and reducing the amount of time spent on updating new information by simply automating this is a key step to delivering high-quality outputs and keeping teams aligned and satisfied with their workplace experience. We’re very excited to be able to offer this high-level syncing to our users with our partner, Unito. For more information on getting set up, check out our help docs here.

This is a third-party integration built and supported by the team at Unito. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, or have any queries, please contact the Unito team here.

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