Teamwork Projects is now Teamwork

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Businesses are using more tools than ever to get their work done.  As our customers deploy more and more apps to solve ever-emerging challenges, it becomes increasingly important for us SaaS companies to make it easier for those apps to work together and to create a platform where work is centralized. That’s why our mission is to provide an integrated work management platform where customers can manage their end-to-end workflows.  It’s a mission that we’re fully committed to, and we’ve just hit another milestone on the journey towards achieving it by renaming Teamwork Projects to Teamwork.

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This new, more concise name highlights our belief that Teamwork is at the center of everything we — and you — do.  With this shift, we’re showcasing that Teamwork is the central hub from which to manage all of your work. It signals our promise to deliver even more robust integrations with the rest of our product suite, so you can leverage the entire platform to deliver high-performance results for your customers. Not only that, but this renaming of Teamwork Projects to Teamwork reflects our ongoing commitment to our flagship product.  Teamwork is the reason we started on that first day over 11 years ago.  Teamwork is the reason all of our other products exist.  And most importantly, Teamwork has a key role to play in driving us towards our ultimate vision of creating one work management platform.

This won’t affect our existing customers in any way — we just want to keep you updated on every step of our journey together.

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