What’s new in Teamwork | July 2022

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Who said the summer was a slow time for new product releases? Certainly not us! While we continue to map out our plans for the rest of the quarter and year (check out our latest product roadmap webinar for a sneak peek of what we’re cooking up), we’re still making strides on your product feedback and requests. Here’s what our hard-working team has been up to in July. 

Logging time is about to get even better (and easier)

It may be the bread and butter of anyone who does client work, but let’s be real—tracking time can be tedious, even stressful. 

Enter time tracking in Table View, coming soon to Teamwork! Soon you'll be able to reduce the effort needed to log time on a task by quickly starting a timer from right within Table View. Gone are the days when you could only log time in Table View. Instead, you'll be able to log time and start a timer from one convenient place. 

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This update—which will be released in the coming days—will give you more flexibility in Table Views across Teamwork, regardless of how you prefer to log time. Plus, there’s no time wasted before you can start working on a task. It’s a win for you and your clients, so three cheers for that!  

More ways to stay on top of your filtering game

Whether it’s filtering your “My Work” Table View by tags, priority, or who created the task, you can take advantage of our newest advanced filters to make sure you’re focusing on your most important work.

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Delivering top-notch client work time and time again is that much easier, with the ability to use advanced filters to surface your most relevant tasks when managing your work. No more scrolling through countless tasks, no more unnecessary noise. With advanced filters at your disposal, your “My Work” Table View just got more focused and streamlined.

New actions for Automations? You bet! 

Ever wanted to automate the movement of your tasks on board columns? Want no more—with our latest Automations update, you can customize task movements to various columns based on specific triggers. 

Case in point: let’s say you want to automatically move a task to your “In Progress” column when the task start date arrives. Simply head to the Automations center, set up the trigger and select the “Move to board column” action, then watch the Automations magic occur. You can even choose multiple supported actions to be performed when the associated trigger event occurs.

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Want to see more examples of how it works? Head to our Knowledge Base for the full rundown on how to set up your next Automation action. 

How to switch to the new Teamwork

If you’re still holding out on changing over to Teamwork’s new look and layout, might we suggest that now is the perfect time to try it out? 

You: But I don’t have the time to learn an entirely new navigation—not to mention introducing the rest of my team to it. 

Us: We totally get that! But did you know that switching only takes a minute (actually probably less than that)? Plus, you can always change back to the old layout if you want to. Easy peasy.  

You: That sounds great, but won’t it take a lot of time to get used to?

Us: You would think that, right? Thankfully we’ve laid out everything you need to know about the changes to make the switch as painless as possible. We’ve also heard a ton of feedback from users just like you who are loving the new look—so maybe try it on for size and see if you agree? 

You: Okay, you’ve sold me! I’m going to set my timer for five minutes right now, make the switch, and play around with it to see what I think!

Us: You’re the best. <3

Edit and delete customers in bulk within Desk 

If you’re a Teamwork Desk user, managing customers and companies within your account just got a lot less manual. We’ve introduced bulk delete control to the People area, which now supports the deletion of both customers and companies

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Whether you’re importing data that you need to delete at a future date, or just want more control over the clients that appear in this section, we’re saving you multiple clicks (not to mention loads of time) with the “Select all companies” option.  

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