Manage time logs in one centralized place with My timesheet

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As someone that manages client work, you’re no stranger to the importance of time. Whether you’re tracking time on a project, adding due dates to tasks, or logging time, the clock never stops. As we recently discovered, 57.8 million hours of time was logged last year alone! So to say time management is vital to a project’s success… that’s a no brainer. 

We’re starting off 2023 with an eye on the time, and are thrilled to introduce My timesheet—a feature that’s sure to keep your valuable minutes and hours always front and center.

My timesheet

My timesheet allows you to manage all time logs in one centralized place and log your time in bulk when it’s best for you.

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Less friction

Say hello to a much easier and faster time logging experience! When work is happening across several projects and tasks, having a single place to log your time is sure to keep everything streamlined. My timesheet auto-populates with tasks that have been assigned to you so you never miss work that you need to log time against - how easy is that?!

Be organized

Kick start a daily or weekly routine and head to My timesheet to log your time in one organized sitting. Enjoy having a single source of time-truth to reference as work is underway, and easily see the whole picture.

Spot the gaps

With My timesheet, not only can you understand where your hours are going each week, but you can also spot where the gaps are. Did a new task pop up Wednesday afternoon? Manually add tasks directly to My timesheet, and their affiliated time logs, so all your work is neatly reflected and gaps are filled.

Have context

Knowing that time logs are only helpful if they are accurate, My timesheet allows you to add descriptions and tags, and also indicate if time is billable or non-billable, so your logs are guaranteed to be full of rich context.

Stay focused

Working in a glorious flow state? Now you can keep chugging along uninterrupted, instead of worrying about individually logging time across the application. Then when the time is right for you, easily log your time in batches.

Bonus! Refreshed time tracking and logging

Surprise! Excited to call out that two integral parts of the time experience also received some love recently. Here are some things to watch out for.

Timer updates:
  • Sleek new styling

  • Timer can be moved to anywhere on the screen (not just only along the bottom or in the corners)

  • Add tags when starting a timer and logging your time for added context

  • The stop button now allows you to clearly end your timer and log your time

  • A handy pop-up message appears when editing and deleting a timer for validation of action

  • Infinite scrolling when there are multiple ongoing timers to easily see everything with less clicks

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Time logging updates:

To note: These improvements have been made to the most common places you log time, whether it's in the timer, within your task's details, in the table view, or in the quick add menu.

  • Sleek new styling

  • The ‘Save and add another' button will help with efficient time logging

  • Fields have been reordered for a more streamlined workflow (example: moved “Mark as billable” underneath “Time spent”)

  • Helpful placeholder data now fills the Time Spent field to illustrate the proper input format 

  • The “Start time” and “End time” fields have common intervals of 15 minutes so you can quickly select this without typing it in

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