Six standout updates to the log time modal

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If managed correctly, time is the difference between a profitable or unprofitable agency, a happy or unhappy workforce, and healthy or unhealthy client relationships. It’s safe to say time is the heartbeat of what you do, and what we do at

So to help make logging time as intuitive, quick, and painless as possible, we’ve rolled out 6 improvements with exactly this in mind! Hopefully next time you pop open Quick Add or log time from the List View, there’s one less click or sigh, and this is replaced with a gasp, smile, or subtle solo fist pump at your desk.

1. Time accelerators

Speed up time logging by quickly inputting common time intervals that conveniently round to the next 15. With one click, you can log time for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour. How easy is that!? Blog post image

2. Projects sorted by Starred or All

Say goodbye to tedious scrolling when trying to find the right project to log time against. Now projects are sorted by Starred or All for better organization and quicker identification. Blog post image

3. Tasks sorted by Incomplete and Complete

Piggybacking on the above, tasks in the log time modal will now be sorted by Incomplete or Complete. Just another trick up our sleeve to help you find the task, and log your time in a snap. Blog post image

4. Writable date field

Keep enjoying your glorious flow state and use your keyboard to type in the date field. This modern and expected functionality supports the majority of date formats, and is sure to save you some clicks. Blog post image

5. Assignee picker

It’s now easier than ever to find and assign teammates to time logs. Need multiple people added to an entry? Whether it’s one person or multiple, you’ll find this experience snappy, simple, and streamlined. Blog post image

6. Beautiful new look

Who doesn’t love a good glow up? Now consistent with the larger user experience, the time log modal sports a modern, sleek, and intuitive look and feel.

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