Teamwork Spaces versus Confluence

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Teamwork Spaces makes critical documents easier to find, easier to read and easier to edit.

Around 15 years ago, enterprise software changed forever. Instead of the user-hostile interfaces of the 90s, we got simpler, sleeker applications. Like Atlassian Confluence.

Yeah. That was 15 years ago.

See, it used to be enough to stick all your most important documents in a mediocre interface that feels like Wikipedia’s back-end. But that doesn’t cut it any more. If that’s how you store them, they don’t get read. Because if you want your people to read these critical documents, they have to want to.

Meet Teamwork Spaces

Teamwork Spaces is a new kind of documentation software born out of the frustration of using Confluence.

Required reading

Bring your documents to life

Treat your most important documents like they’re actually worth reading, with a UI that’s incredibly simple to navigate, inline comments for easy collaboration and required reading to keep everyone engaged.

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Find the answers you need — faster

Make finding the right answers intuitive. Teamwork Spaces is organized like a book, not like a complicated series of folders — for the way people naturally think.

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Keep your team updated

Ensure everyone stays informed and up to date with important company information with Required Reading. Let your team know when there’s a new document that requires their attention.


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