Your Guide To Mastering Billable Utilization

Utilization is one of the most critical metrics for client services firms. Mastering it enables you to plan resources, make staffing decisions, forecast future revenue, and grow your bottom line. In this free Ebook, get insights from 500 agency leaders on how to effectively track and measure billable utilization - so you can scale your business without burning out.

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Keep your clients happy and your company profitable

Deliver more projects with better outcomes. Minimize the manual work to manage cash flow, budgets, and staff utilization. Clear the deck to focus on bringing in new clients and grow your business.

"If your profitability goes up that means your team is working efficiently - we could not have done that without Teamwork. We’re now able to take our eyes off a lot of particular issues and focus on scaling the business".

Kyle Duford
President at The Brand Leader™
Streamline every aspect of client work operations

Get everything you need to keep your team properly utilized, deliver consistently profitable work, and report on project, client, and business KPIs to senior management - all in one platform.

"I cannot put a dollar figure on the impact of Teamwork. To be able to track tasks, timelines, details, and then have that information in report format to pull at a moment's notice has made my job immeasurably more efficient."

Stephanie Deits
Director of Corporate Operations & Accounting at Idea Planet
Find everything you need to be extremely efficient

Become the best project manager your team's ever had. Deliver projects on time and under budget. Manage scope creep, delays, and workloads. Keep all your stakeholders informed and happy.

"I spend all day in Teamwork checking on tasks, making sure do-tos are done, running reports, looking at time logs. With Teamwork, we can dive deeper into budgets and make smarter decisions for projects."

Bri Ehle
Senior Project Manager at ThreeSixtyEight