The State of Productivity Report


Just how productive were you in 2021? We analyzed nearly 7 million completed tasks within from our core client services groups in the U.S. to find trends, patterns, and other insights from the data. Download the report to see what we found. We sorted our client services teams into six groups for this report:

  • Consultancy agencies

  • Creative agencies

  • Financial services

  • Marketing agencies

  • Professional services

  • Development agencies

Download the 2022 report

How we pulled the data

Our goal was to know how productive our customers were in 2021 – especially those managing clients. We analyzed nearly 7 million completed tasks in 2021 from our largest client services groups in the U.S. to find out:

  • How specific client services groups maintain productivity compared to one another

  • The times of the year that were the most productive for our main client services groups

Why we collected this data

The idea of productivity conjures a lot of different sentiments. For this report, we looked at the total number of completed tasks within our platform and the average completion rate of each day of the week to better understand when client services teams were the most productive in 2021.

These six groups don’t necessarily include every type of client services team, but the collective data gave us insights into when the highest amount of work was completed last year.


Client services teams

What stands out in the overall data

  • A tough hill to climb
    Our data shows the overall task completion rate has a strong start to the week for all client services teams. While Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, the number of completed tasks starts to significantly drop through the rest of the week.

Room for improvement

  • Front load the week
    Stack the most important tasks toward the beginning of the workweek when you and your team are in a more productive workflow. Use this time to encourage employees to finalize the most pressing tasks so key projects can move on to the next stage or wrap up.

Other client services teams in the report

Marketing agencies

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