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The 7 secret ingredients of great B2B marketing teams

Marketing for B2B companies is harder than ever. Not only are we dealing with great competition and heightened customer expectations but we’re doing so in an era when marketing has never been more important. (No pressure!)

So how come some B2B marketing teams succeed where others don’t?

We teamed up with Jay Baer and Convince & Convert to answer this very question. By interviewing 10 B2B marketing leaders – including Peter Bell, Senior Director of Marketing (EMEA) at Marketo, Karen Steele, CMO at LeanData (previously Marketo, Exactly and VMWare), and Jeff Rohrs, author and CMO at Yext – we uncovered 7 common themes to developing an unstoppable marketing team – and it’s not about the latest social media fad.

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Having different personalities, backgrounds, and skill sets not only enriches the team but expands your abilities to serve your customer base.

The 7 secret ingredients of great B2B marketing teams

What’s inside

  • The 5 impact-driven principles. What are they, and how can you use them to ensure the outcomes you want?

  • The importance of goal-setting — and how to do it right. Improve your ideation with these tips for setting impactful, measurable goals.

  • Putting your plan into action in Teamwork Projects.From strategy to success: here’s how to action your plan in Teamwork Projects to get measurable results.

  • How to review and audit your project. Use our handy checklists to quickly check your project’s health and stay on track.

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