Manage and optimize team resources with Workload

Get an instant overview of team capacity, make informed resourcing decisions and easily reassign work between people with Workload.


Avoid bottlenecks

Ensure your projects have enough resources to meet their deadlines, and have the flexibility to shift priorities.

Powerful resourcing insights

Rely on real and easily accessible data to determine which team members are operating under capacity and available to take on more work.

Easily re-prioritise work

Quickly and easily re-assign work and add project resources to balance workload with a simple drag and drop function.


Make more informed decisions

Assess your teams bandwidth for any given time period to make more accurate decisions on project delivery timelines.

Teamwork Premium

Use a combination of Premium features such as Templates, Portfolio and Workload to supercharge your workflow and scale high performance across your organisation.

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Workload Features

Workload has everything you need to make quicker, more informed decisions, move work forward meet project deadlines.

99.9% uptime

Capacity bar

Get an immediate indicator of each team members level of capacity and easily dive in to manage and level out resources where needed.

99.9% uptime

Planner view

Get a more granular view of how each team members work is spread out over any given time period and drill into the tasks that make up each time block.

99.9% uptime

Manage workload

Identify who is overloaded and who has bandwidth to take on work, and easily reassign tasks between the team with an intuitive drag and drop function.

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