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Improve collaboration with Teams

Streamline project planning and setup by assigning work to teams and sub-teams — saving you time on admin work and giving you a high-level view of team accountability and workload.

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Improve collaboration with Teams

Get organized

Group relevant people into department teams, sub-teams, and even cross-functional project teams. As you scale, you can save time by quickly adding new joiners to those teams, and they’ll inherit all of the right projects (and privacy levels).

Simplify planning and setup

Assign individual tasks to Teams to save time on project planning and setup. Don’t mind who on the team completes the task? Give team members the autonomy to decide who works on what by letting them pick up tasks between themselves based on their workloads and priorities.

Improve communication

Quickly notify, tag, or mention an entire Team in a comment or message using their team @handle, so you can get (or give) updates and input when needed — and ensure no one misses an important notification.

Get greater visibility

Use Teams in combination with Teamwork’s other powerful features, such as filters and Workload, to get a deeper understanding of the work assigned to particular groups, and see the remaining capacity of only the people on that team.

Teams for agencies

Simplify cross-functional collaboration and improve internal communication on client projects

Organize your agency in Teamwork

Replicate your agency’s structure using Teams in Teamwork to create workflows that map to your tried-and-tested ways of working. Create Teams like Design, SEO, Content, Web, and more, or create cross-functional teams for specific client projects.

Speed up project planning

Hit the ground running with Project Templates and Teams. Assign tasks in your Project Template to a specific team when creating your template, and when you use it, the chosen team will automatically be assigned to that task.

Balance your team’s workload

Filter by teams in the Workload view to get an immediate overview on all work due for a specific client project, ensuring that no team is overloaded and at risk of going off-track. Spot a resourcing issue? You can also use your filtered view to reassign work, so you can fix it right then and there.

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