Budgeting & Profitability

See how profitable you are at a glance

Track financial performance by project or team member and compare it against the budget for that client.

Track expenses against your total project budget

Add fixed costs, one-off fees, and ancillaries to your hourly expenses so you see everything in the same place.

Measure everything

Add one-off or additional costs to your project budget.

See it all in one place

Track these extra expenses against your project budget.

Stay on track

Avoid going over because everything is in one place.

See a complete budget breakdown, for any project

Split your budget across groups of tasks to catch project issues before they affect your timeline and delivery.

Track it all

Wondering how much time your dev spent on that ‘small’ client task? See the budget breakdown at a Task list level.

No hidden challenges

See the most profitable parts of your projects — and least profitable parts — at a glance.

Hit your financial goals

Monitor the project budget details as you go so you can easily course correct before it affects your clients.

Profitability matters. Teamwork.com makes tracking it easy.

Get all the tools and reports you need in the easy-to-use platform actually built for client work.

Teamwork.com is the heartbeat of the business. Thanks to Teamwork.com, ​​we’re all 100% aligned now and working at full power, pushing ahead towards a clear goal.

​​Kfir Pravda

CEO at Pravda Media Group

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