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At Scopic we go far beyond traditional software development services. Innovative companies partner with us to take their projects from idea to launch, and from launch to viral success. We combine tailor-made software development with original web design and digital marketing services, to become the one-stop-shop for industry innovation.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

About Scopic

We are highly focused on implementing Teamwork integration services. Our expertise with Teamwork and other systems has helped us and our customers reduce inefficiencies, simplify and optimize workflows, reduce costs and risks, and enhance the visibility of internal communication and processes. Through Teamwork and its integrations, we can empower your company to streamline processes and minimize inefficiencies, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage on the market.

How we can help you:

  • Optimize the way your team uses the tools. Teamwork is a powerful system, but there are best practices and essential details that can make a difference.

  • Integrate with your existing systems. Teamwork has a rich API. We can tightly integrate Teamwork with any system no matter how complex it is.

  • Migrate from an existing project management system. The migration doesn’t need to be painful if it is expertly planned and executed.

  • Answer your questions and provide application support for your team.

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