Getting started with Teamwork

Set up your project management solution similarly to a project kickoff — define your goal, choose your team, and get to work.
Define Goals

Define your goals and objectives

In the initial stages of adopting Teamwork, establish what success looks like for you. Have clear goals and objectives — know what you want to achieve, and identify what you want out of Teamwork — e.g. What projects and processes do you want to manage in Teamwork.
Define Goals

Create a project

Start off by creating your first project from scratch. Or save time by selecting a template from our project template gallery to begin your path toward success.


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Log your tasks

Within your project, set out your key tasks in a task list. Assign these tasks to your wider team once you invite your colleagues. Assign due dates, add relevant files, and align it to a Milestone.


Set out key milestones

Set out key milestones for your project and align your task lists to them to keep everyone aware of the project timeline. Completing milestones ensures you’re tracking in line with your goals and assures timely project execution.


Board View

Add columns to visualize your process and easily move tasks through your workflow. Going forward, you can add new tasks from the backlog and automate workflows with triggers to save your team’s time.

Choose your team

Personalize your workspace and invite your team

Choose your team

Personalize your workspace

Before you invite your team, personalize the color scheme in line with your brand, add your logo, and import your data.


Invite your team

With your workspace prepared and initial project outlined, identify the people you need in Teamwork. Invite your users, walk them through your project, key milestones, and their newly assigned tasks to get them working toward the overall goal.

Depending on your needs, know that you can avail of three types of user licenses:

Standard Users
Are primary users in Teamwork who need access to the full range of available permissions. Usually, these licenses are reserved for your employees who are managing and working on your projects in depth.

Are designed for bringing third-party users into your projects. These users have limited access but can perform basic actions such as completing tasks assigned to them, adding comments and messages, or viewing files. Collaborators are completely free on your subscription.

Client Users
Are ideal if you work with clients who need access to your projects where necessary — all without incurring extra costs. Client Users have the same range of project level permissions as Standard Users, but are still restricted in some aspects like administrator privileges.

Ensure success

Ensure success for your team and project

As your team begins using Teamwork, the success of both their adoption of the software and the execution of your project lies with you.
Ensure success

Success Planner

Our Success Planner highlights the nine most critical features essential for success in Teamwork. Take control of your organizational adoption and get access to critical information on what features your team uses and the necessary resources to implement certain features you haven’t yet explored.

These include

  • Milestones
  • Files
  • Mobile apps
  • Project templates
  • Repeating tasks
  • Time
  • Comments
  • Task list templates
  • Messages
Onboarding assistance

Onboarding assistance

When introducing new software into your organization, be mindful of how your team adopts it. Guarantee a successful roll out with the help of our Onboarding Solutions.
Onboarding assistance

Teamwork Onboarding Solutions

Effective onboarding is a critical part of any organization to make sure behavioral drivers are consistent across the business. Get your team to work together and better as a unit. Teamwork will partner with you to ensure your team adopts the software seamlessly. Feel fully supported and capable of doing your best work with Teamwork.

Our onboarding packages align with your goals and the size of your organization. Teamwork provides consultative sessions to capture your processes during configuration so you see immediate value. Our goal is to assist you in upleveling and optimizing your processes to help you streamline and execute your work in the most efficient way. Have peace of mind that your team feels confident with your configuration, workflows, and processes.

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