Are you a fan of both Teamwork Projects and MS Office?

You'll love how this integration works for you .

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Create A Smoother Workflow

With this addition you have a whole load of . Teamwork Projects functionality through your MS office applications including adding projects, task lists, tasks, messages and notebooks . You can even log time and upload whatever file you're working on, directly from any MS Office application .

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Getting Started Is Easy

Putting this integration to work is very simple . All Windows users on small office plans and upwards can download it now . Once downloaded, you will notice a . Teamwork Projects icon on the left hand side of the ribbon in your MS Office app .


MS Project and Teamwork Projects

We've created a beautiful feature where you can import and export to and from MS Project and Teamwork Projects If you choose to export your projects from Teamwork Projects into MS Project, any changes that you make here can be imported back into Teamwork Projects This feature is available to users on the Professional Price plan .

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* Available to Windows users on MS Office 13 and newer . MS Office integration is available to users on the Small Office plan or above, MS Project is available to Professional or above .

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Heres what they have to say about Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects consistently exceeds my expectations. It has totally changed the way our business works, and I can’t fathom how we used to get by without it!

Ciaran McGrath Jay Baer President at Convince & Convert at Threefold Systems