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SoftSync for Jira

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SoftSync helps you synchronize projects, tasks and user activities between Jira Cloud and

SoftSync - and Jira Integration

Automate the way you manage projects with and Jira
Your project data where needed, as needed.

Why use SoftSync and

SoftSync is a powerful Teamwork and Jira integration that helps you synchronize projects, tasks, and user activities between Jira Cloud and Teamwork. Connect your project data and boost your team?s efficiency with seamless automation.

How the and Jira integration works:

  • Set unilateral or bidirectional synchronization

    Synchronize data between Jira and through one and two-way sync from to Jira and vice versa. Choose which projects to sync between both systems and map them to the corresponding project data with specific triggers and actions for each individual project.

  • Define synchronization settings

    Define synchronization settings for each project by integrating the issue type, task status, and more. After the initial setup, SoftSync will continue to synchronize project data automatically.

  • Track usage through the activity log

    Gain a comprehensive view of all the features you can integrate across systems. With this simple setup, you?ll be able to fully control and visualize your operations between Teamwork and Jira ? on your own terms and without workarounds!

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This is a third-party app/integration built and supported by the team at Scopic. does not assume responsibility or guarantee support for this app/integration. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need help getting set this up, or have any queries, please contact the Scopic team here.