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The success of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team in winning the gold medal was such a shocker that it resulted in several books and movies. This remarkable team provided lessons on team-building that go beyond sports. The unique success of this group of unlikely heroes incorporated a process of purposeful team-building that can serve corporations well. According to an article in Harvard Business Review, there are at least three basic tips for successful purposeful team-building efforts. These include:

  • Using real-world problems

  • Taking different styles and personalities into consideration

  • Using the right facilitator and tailoring the exercise to your specific needs

Just as the coach of the “Miracle Hockey Team” incorporated these and other team-building basics, your efforts to create an efficient and effective team require detailed planning and careful consideration.

Tried and Proven Exercises

Ultimately, your team-building program will incorporate one or more team exercises. As all professionals in the field realize, however, such exercises are effective only when properly selected and implemented. Here are three popular and appropriate workplace team building activities that are adaptable to a number of different situations and environments:

  • Competition cook-offs.

    Playing on the popularity of television cooking shows, many organizations find this a fun and effective exercise. There are many options, from simple cupcakes to complex dinners. The approach includes collecting a list of ingredients and setting up the right cooking equipment. This can be as simple as an open space with grills. Teams are then challenged to meet different criteria for completing the cooking project within a time limit. Judging is usually included, although not necessary for every project.

  • Laser Tag/Paintball Activities.

    While some personnel might have a few concerns over the use of guns, it’s a proven fact that most of your personnel will actively participate in any team activity that involves indoor or outdoor competitions against other teams. The key is to tailor this type of highly physical exercise to the right personalities.

  • Case Study Analysis.

    For a more professional situation, create one or more realistic scenarios that create a problem needing a solution. Challenge teams to develop the best possible answers and present them as a group.

If you implement these team building principles into your organization, your company will become more unified underneath your company’s vision. Our certified Teamwork.com trainers at Surgefront will help you to achieve your goal of building a cooperative organization through the effective utilization of Teamwork Projects.

What do you think? What are some team building activities that you consider effective?

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