July has been a busy month for the Teamwork Chat team. We know some of our customers have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Web version of our app and we are happy to tell you that the wait is over.

Web Version

What are the advantages of using Teamwork Chat Web version?

  1. You don’t have to install the desktop app
    The company you work for doesn’t allow you to download apps. Or maybe you don’t want an app taking up storage on your computer? No problem, that’s ok with us, just use the Web version.
  2. Works on all operating systems
    Access Teamwork Chat from any system on any device.
  3. Access from anywhere
    Did you want to use Teamwork Chat on Linux. Or on your phone? No problem, just use the Web version.
  4. Spell-check
    The Web Version supports spell check so you won’t have to worry about spelling errors ever again.
  5. Automatic sign-in
    If you are already logged in to Teamwork Projects or Teamwork Desk you won’t have to insert your details again, you’re automatically logged into Teamwork Chat as well.
  6. Mobile-friendly
    Teamwork Chat is responsively designed. It will look and feel great on a screen of any size.

How can I access Teamwork Chat Web Version?

There are a number of ways you can log in to Teamwork Chat on the Web:

  1. From your other Teamwork.com apps.
    Go to the top left corner of you Teamwork Projects or Teamwork Desk screen. Click on the Teamwork.com logo and you’ll see a dropdown button appear. Select Teamwork Chat and hey presto, you’ll be taken straight to the Web app.
  2. From your email
    From now on any notification email you get from Teamwork Chat will have an option to ‘Open Conversation’ or ‘Open Room’. Click on either of these options and you’ll be taken directly into the Web app.
  3. From your Web browser
    If your Teamwork address is https://x.teamwork.com, for example, then Teamwork Chat can be accessed by typing https://x.teamwork.com/chat in your Web browser’s address bar.


There will be notifications just as there are with the Teamwork Chat desktop apps. As well as that, the favicon (i.e. the browser tab’s icon) will change when you receive messages. For example, if a colleague sends you one message in a direct conversation, it will show a red circle with the number “2” in it.

Desktop app

It has been business as usual with Teamwork Chat desktop apps. We have been busy making improvements and fixes. One major thing we did this month is making sure that if your machine is set up to use a proxy, these settings will also be used by the desktop application.
Should you continue to use the desktop app(s) or use the Web version? That’s entirely up to you. All future features will be released to all of Teamwork Chat simultaneously. We don’t want to leave any of our users out when it comes to cool new updates.
While Teamwork Chat is still in beta, we are continuously trying to think of ways to make it better. We welcome your feedback and advice. If you have any feature requests or comments, please send them into chat@teamwork.com. We’re trying to create the best tools for your business and your input is really important to us.