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Chat Features - Teamwork


Organize your team communication for more effective, actionable conversations.

Team channels

Create channels for your department, team, project, client – or whatever grouping is relevant to your business.

Public channels

Whether it’s company news, industry updates or common interests, create a public channel where the entire organization can stay connected and get tailored updates.

Direct and group conversations

Kick off a 1-1 chat or group conversation for focused and meaningful discussions that help move work in the right direction.


Encourage your team to discuss ideas, solve problems and collaborate in a dedicated space.

Dedicated project channels

Create channels that link directly to specific projects in your Teamwork Projects site so the team can share ideas, discuss issues, make decisions, and keep your project moving forward.

File sharing

Share relevant files, images, videos, and links within your conversation so you can discuss your work with context.

Searchable chat history

Search through past conversations to get confirmation on previous decisions, and find and share direct links to past messages.


Reduce meetings without compromising on productivity by using Teamwork Chat to get quick answers to your queries.

Teamwork Projects integration

Make conversations more productive by turning decisions into tasks in Teamwork Projects. Create and assign tasks directly from Teamwork Chat and find them ready and waiting to be worked on in Teamwork Projects.

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