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Average wait time for an answer is 145 minutes minutes during business hours.

What does this page show you?

After every support email we ask our customers how they found their interaction with our team. Customers can then rate us in one of three ways, It was great, ok, or not good. These ratings are represented by the smily faces below.

Why do we ask users for their ratings?

We see great support as a feature of products. Just as in the same way that we ask for feedback about the application, we want your feedback on our support. This helps us to make our support even greater.

Why do we report these ratings?

We believe in being open and wearing our hearts on our sleeves. In the same way that you can see what new features we are working on, we want new and existing users to be aware of how we are doing with our support and that we are maintaining the high standards that we promise and talk about.

The last 100 customer support ratings

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