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is broken
Documentation should be the lynchpin that keeps your teams aligned. It should make onboarding mean more to your newbies. It should give sales and support teams the tools they need to kick ass. And it should give your product teams the tools they need to work together beautifully.
But it doesn't.
Because the way we do documentation is broken. Intranets are slow, confusing, and impossible to use. And most collaborative document-editing software wasn’t built to solve these problems. Documentation is drowning in a sea of duplication, confusing file names, and apathy.
It’s time we did something about it.
Meet Teamwork Spaces

This is Teamwork Spaces. A place where your documentation gets treated like it matters. So it’s easier to find, easier to read, and easier to edit.

Add members

You can share Spaces with anyone with an email address, even if they’re not in your company so you can get freelancers or agency staff on the same page quickly.

Collaborative working

Everyone can collaborate on pages at the same time, and you can see who’s making edits in real-time. And the most up-to-date file stays in the same place, with the same name. You know, so people can find it.

Required reading

All your documentation is important, but some things need to be read by everyone. That’s why we created Required Reading.

This is
Teamwork Spaces

A smarter kind of documentation software.
Make your documents easier to find, easier to read, and easier to edit.

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