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andy pearson

We've used loads of project management methodologies over the years, and the one of the most effective has been weekly sprint planning using Teamwork Projects. When you are managing a small team spread thinly across multiple projects that each span several months, with dramatic peaks and troughs of activity, this approach is very powerful.

Andy Pearson

Managing Director of White Fuse

Mike Taber

One of the huge advantages of using Teamwork Projects is the ability to systemize a business with recurring tasks. It helps the business owner keep the business moving in the same direction rather than having to slow down and do actual project management.

Mike Taber

Founder of Moon River Software Inc.

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Task Management

Team members are visibly accountable for task completion, making it more likely that project deadlines are met on time.

time icon

Time Tracking

Easily keep track of time spent and log it against each task.

gantt icon

Gantt Charts

Quickly visualize project and team progress with Gantt charts.

task dependencies icon

Task Dependencies

Streamline task management with task dependencies - tasks require the completion of another.

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