Why choose Teamwork over Asana?

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If you’re looking for project management software that lets you own the big picture then Teamwork is perfect for you. Although Asana can be great for small teams, it lacks the in-depth features that are needed to execute projects at scale.

Teamwork has features like time tracking, customizable permissions, risk management, team collaboration and much more, which all allow you to scale your workflows and deliver projects for teams of all sizes. Teamwork will take care of the details so you and your team can focus on what’s important: getting things done.

By using Teamwork I can organize my work and team, so that our work is more effective and we do not have to worry about the upcoming deadline.

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G2Crowd Project Management Product Comparison

Teamwork is a leader in Project Management on G2


Ease of Doing Business With91%

Task Prioritization86%

Collaborative Project Planning88%

Performance and Reliability90%

Reporting and Dashboards83%


Ease of Doing Business With87%

Task Prioritization83%

Collaborative Project Planning87%

Performance and Reliability89%

Reporting and Dashboards82%

The top reasons why companies use
Teamwork vs Asana:

Everything you need to consider when comparing Teamwork and Asana.

Time tracking with Teamwork Projects

Keep track of time

There’s no way to track your team’s time using Asana without enabling a third-party app. Teamwork's native timer app has detailed time log insights and helps your team stay on track, manage resources, and deliver work on time.

Customize permissions

When adding external users to Asana, you can’t customize their privacy settings. Teamwork has robust privacy settings that allow you to control exactly what your users can and can’t see, so you can keep sensitive information private.

Better privacy settings of project with Teamwork Projects
Better risk management with Teamwork Projects

Limit risks to your project

Asana has no means of risk management. Teamwork, on the other hand, has a built-in risk register that allows you to prepare for risks, identify severity levels, and understand their impact — so your project managers can ensure project success.

Collaborate with co-workers

Asana offers no options for team communication. You have to rely on third-party integrations for important discussions. Embedded Chat within Teamwork allows you to quickly chat with team members without having to leave your workspace.

Communicate with team members on project

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How Teamwork
streamlined Idea Planet’s
workflows and communication

Teamwork has allowed Idea Planet to streamline process and improve workflow through the use of project and task list templates, the ability to set repeating tasks and assign multiple team members to tasks based on their job role.

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Import data from Asana to Teamwork

Import your data from
Asana to Teamwork

We’ve built an importer to make it easy for you to make the switch to Teamwork. With just a couple of clicks, you can import all your data from Asana.

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Overall Quality

G2Crowd G2Crowd G2Crowd G2Crowd G2Crowd

Extraordinary tool for team collaboration

James Chapman, IT Specialist Technicolor

Teamwork Project is incredibly outstanding product and now it has become my most favorite project management tool. I like its ease of use the most. Another likeable thing about it is its straightforwardness. It produces better results than Asana. I found it to be very much user friendly. Furthermore it can be effectively used for keeping records and conducting cost estimates as well. It can be conveniently used for assigning tasks.

Comments (Benefits)

I would say this is the fantastic and understandable tool. It is indeed all in one solution for managing projects and having effective communication.

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Why choose Teamwork over Basecamp?

Teamwork is a rounded system that offers you more.

See the metrics that matter for your project.

Why choose Teamwork over Smartsheet?

Smartsheet offers no option to natively track time.

Why choose Teamwork over Monday.com?

Organize your work how you want, every step of the way.

Why choose Teamwork over Wrike?

Essential features like invoicing and reports are missing.

Why choose Teamwork over MS Planner?

Teamwork provides more power to achieve your goals.

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