March 26, 2015

At Teamwork.com we deal with customer enquiries around the clock; every minute of every single day - we love hearing from our customers. How we treat support within our company has been at the core of Teamwork.com's success, with happy customers referring friends and other businesses to us. Happy customers lead to happy team members which leads to business success. Fact.

When we started building Teamwork Project Manager, it was as a response to not being able to find a good tool for managing all the work going on within our business. As we've grown and added millions of users to the platform, we've had to take the same long hard look at how we manage our support process and, once again, nothing out there seemed to have the same focus on customer happiness that our support team wanted.

Introducing Teamwork Desk.

True helpdesk happiness by Teamwork.com

Genuinely customer-centric companies put support and customer happiness at the core of their business. And that's what we've built TeamworkDesk to do.

When you go back and look at the concept of support, it's pretty straightforward – a customer has a problem and contacts you, the company, to fix it. Of course, as time goes on, and you get more and more support requests, they start eating into your time so naturally you start to automate whatever you can for ease and simplicity.

The problem is that it's a slippery slope and suddenly what were once one-on-one conversations between you and your customer are now automated tickets that take the emotion out of the support equation. Let's remember what's truly important, the customer wants the support process to be fast, easy, and efficient so that they can go back to whatever they were doing before the problem interrupted them.

TeamworkDesk hits the reset button on helpdesk software and goes back to putting customer happiness at the center of every business. We've built a brand new product, from the first line of code up, designed to deliver happy customers and happy users. It's about getting customer problems fixed. It's about solving problems faster. It's about running a productive support team and business. It's about getting stuff done.

First of all, we've done away with one of the primary killers – per agent pricing. By limiting the number of people within your organization that can deal with support enquiries, you're automatically introducing support blockers. If a customer has a query about your mobile app, shouldn't it be easy to get that answered by the guy who developed the app? In a modern customer-centric company, customer happiness is every employee's responsibility, everyone should be on the frontline, helping customers. With unlimited users on every TeamworkDesk account, customer happiness can be everyone's job.

Secondly, we've created a platform from start to finish that's completely focused on the customer and ensuring that the right person is handling their enquiry. We've made it easy for you to assign tickets to the right people, leave notes for them to read, see what's happened so far with any particular ticket, and measuring how happy they were with the response. Tracking customers that need a follow up is simple and maintaining back and forth conversations with specific customers is a piece of cake. Managing multiple support inboxes is easy no matter how big or small your team is. From a management perspective, we've built in a whole new level of reporting, designed to give the real answers that you want, instead of boring, empty statistics.

Thirdly, we've included a great new way to manage your support documentation and FAQs, all from within TeamworkDesk. Developed a brand new, custom-branded support hub for your business (we'll even include a XYZ.helpdocs.com URL for you, if you want) that can cover the more basic inquiries a customer might have that's so unbelievably easy for your staff to keep updated.

And last, but definitely not least, for those of you already part of the Teamwork.com family, TeamworkDesk directly integrates with TeamworkProjects (our new name for Teamwork Project Manager) so problems that are identified in support requests can be instantly actioned as tasks for the right people within TeamworkProjects. Those pesky billing enquiries? - Assign them straight off to the accounting department, reports of software bugs? - Add them straight to the bugs list. The connection between TeamworkDesk and TeamworkProjects is massively powerful from a business productivity perspective. Wait until you see it in action!

We're really proud of the technology behind TeamworkDesk, a brand new technology stack that uses bleeding edge software design to create a beautiful, lightning fast, responsive product to ensure that it's a pleasure for anyone to use. It's also a dream to build on, so we'll be adding frequent features and improvements over time.

We've used TeamworkDesk internally at Teamwork.com for a long time now to deliver customer happiness, now it's time to share it with the world. It's available from today and completely free to try.

Click here to start seeing happy customers and happy staff, bring happiness back to your business.

January 29, 2015

The day has finally arrived - you have no idea how hard it's been to keep this secret from you!

The fruit of over twelve months work, the first stand alone product that we've built since we first started work on teamwork.com all those years ago, presenting TeamworkChat.

The Origin Story

Every day we come to work to build great software, software with one purpose - to make the lives of our customers easier. When we started Teamwork.com the basic principle was a fast and easy way to manage all the daily tasks that make up a business. As business has evolved and become more complicated we've continued to try and build and develop the features of the platform according to what you, our users, have asked. Some feature enhancements that you asked for and we considered, are so fundamental to how business these days is done that we decided to develop them as separate, stand alone products.

And today, we're releasing the first of these - TeamworkChat, a brand new way for your team to communicate in real time.


We wanted to give you a tool to help them communicate with your team that was faster and more efficient than email and more in keeping with the way they use software to chat in their personal lives; and that's what TeamworkChat is all about - on a basic level you can think of it as a business grade version of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Another critical aspect for us was ensuring that the results of these conversations could be quickly actioned and turned into actual work that needs to get done - so we're working on giving users the ability to push tasks and information from TeamworkChat into your existing Teamwork Projects account. Ending the era of talk with no follow up action forever.

TeamworkChat Beta is available for Windows and Mac today with iOS, Android and Linux apps coming soon and is available completely for free to any current Teamwork.com user. A stand alone version will be available when the full product launches for now you can simply log in using your existing teamwork.com credentials. You can find out more and download the Beta apps here at www.teamwork.com/chat

Please let us know what you think, your feedback is so important to us! Send any thoughts, positives and negatives to chat@teamwork.com

Thanks for your continued support.

Peter, Dan and Team Teamwork.com

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