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Has your team discovered the power of Teamwork?

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StraPe might be just the right partner for you.

We are technology consultants born out of a passion to make great things a reality. We help companies from CEE to deliver projects on time and on budget while meeting all the required criteria. Our main focus is to help companies become truly digitised from the inside out. Not just towards customers but especially towards and between their own employees because we understand that digital is no longer only the shiny front end of the organization, it is the backbone.

We will help you get familiar with Teamwork, spread the word and knowledge throughout the organisation and manage the processes to help you achieve your strategic goals.

The usual process:

  • analysis of the team and the company culture
  • analysis of processes implemented within the teams and ongoing projects
  • case study
  • set-up
  • training and education
  • strategic consultations: long term overseeing

We have implemented various project management tools from Trello, Asana to Jira but none of them rivals Teamwork in terms of sheer capability. Nevertheless, implementation of any project management tool always needs to be based on individual approach and the specific needs of teams and organisations.

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Banka Zilina, Legionarska, Zilina Slovakia
+44 20 8144 7086

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