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SMB provides ramp-up and integration services for small and medium-sized enterprises and professional services companies. Since 1997 we have been developing individual software solutions and integrations in all markets, planning and processing user trainings and roll-outs as turnkey or contractor solutions.

Quickborn, Germany

About SMB GmbH

We can help you get the most out of Teamwork.

Your IT Department can profit from our hard-earned project experience and advice on how to achieve frictionless workflow management.

No matter if you are experienced in managing projects and need advanced ramp-up support or if you need expert advice on how to design traceable and manageable projects.

Our experts support your IT department and development team in seamlessly integrating Teamwork solutions into your environment

Our Services:

  • Ongoing Phone and Email-Helpdesk for your Users and Managers

  • Analysis of your IT environment (incl. collaboration systems, financial controlling)

  • Developing robust templates for your projects

  • Ramp-up support and Train-the-Trainer workshops

  • Connecting Teamwork bi-directionally with your ERP/PDM/CRM/DMS/TTS/MIS-System

  • Developing middleware for your special requirements

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