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At Marketecs, we implement practical project management; helping you get the most out of your systems! We offer account set-up, project set-up, consultation, training, implementation, and management of Teamwork.

Maine, United States

About Marketecs

We are practical project specialists; ready to help you navigate and implement Teamwork in the most effective and efficient way possible.

As a company, Marketecs specializes in blending marketing and technology to create marketing systems and automation. In our business, efficient and effective project management is instrumental! This led us to Teamwork. We have been dedicated users of Teamwork since 2011. Teamwork has been a key tool in growing our business and our team.

Marketecs CEO and Founder, Kathrine Farris, had a background in both finance and education before starting a digital marketing agency in 2009. She spent 12 years in banking, before ‘retiring’ as a VP, Branch Manager, and lender. She also spent 4 years as a college level computer application instructor. Kathrine is skilled in problem-solving, analytics, management, and training/teaching adults in addition to running and building a successful business, and she brings all of these skills and experience to the teams that she works with.

We offer account set-up, project set-up, consultation, training, implementation, and management of Teamwork.

We will support you with;

  1. Set-up – establishing your Teamwork account, settings, and preferences

  2. Training – supporting your team while transitioning to Teamwork as well as practical best practices

  3. Organization – how to best coordinate efforts, tasks, milestones, project assets, and more in the most efficient and effective manner

  4. Consultation – help along the way to be sure you’re making the most of all of your operation systems

  5. Management – oversight and support for the long haul!

  6. We have implemented and utilized hundreds of Teamwork projects and implemented several project layout styles, including client interactions options, and team communication and coordination. And we LOVE Teamwork!

We have specialized in implementing Teamwork for marketing teams, coaching, consulting, speaking, IT, web design, branding, finance, and various other service and support based companies.

We are prepared to help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness through technology that works!

Contact us for a consultation and let’s get to work on your team projects!

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