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We can help you strategize, implement and improve your use of Teamwork to achieve desired outcomes quicker and more efficiently. Our clients and employees use features of Teamwork to manage projects, including the tool’s task management, document storage, timekeeping, project planning, risk management capabilities, and more. Hive Tech HR’s core business is helping companies find, implement and enhance their HR technology systems.

Boston & Minneapolis, USA

About Hive Tech HR

Teamwork is an instrumental aspect of how we successfully work with clients. Over the years and 100’s of projects we’ve become familiar with Teamwork’s suite of products and functionalities – creating best practices and use cases that are applicable to teams just like yours.

We can help you:

  • Evaluate your current project management system and requirements to support a selection process for the right tool for your team
  • Transition away from your current project management system and facilitate change management
  • Move from disjointed internal project management to collaborative transparent project administration
  • Unify internal and external stakeholders on either client or team projects
  • Implement best practices during launch and accelerate onboarding of Teamwork
  • Train your team on Teamwork Projects, Desk and/or CRM whether you’ve been a customer for days or years
  • Assess how your team has historically used Teamwork and share recommendations to build out your team’s processes and maximize your utilization of Teamwork’s functionalities.

We are poised to share the efficiencies we have gained in project administration transformation and the excitement we feel for the best productivity tool on the market to help your team improve its allocation of people, time and money.