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Dynamic AS

About Dynamic AS

Dynamic AS is a Norwegian consulting group focusing on ICT Leadership and Management. We offer something unique in the market – we make complex and advanced IT systems easy to understand and simple to utilize. One of our core tools, that we have also promoted to our customers since the start, is Teamwork.

In addition to doing most of the Norwegian translation work for Teamwork, we have helped and facilitated other companies to get the most out of Teamwork.

Services we offer are:

  • Improve your working methods so they fit with modern tools and agile thinking
  • Tailor the use of Teamwork to your working methods
  • Implement a proper project framework or work methodology as Teamwork templates
  • Training and coaching through the process

Contact Information

Gamle Brennavei, 7c, 1279, Oslo Norway
+47 913 15 555

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