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Streamline your business operations and unlock new possibilities with digitize, the powerhouse software division of MONOBUNT. Integrate Teamwork seamlessly with any other app or software of your choice using our own SaaS-integration-software SyncSpider. Besides offering first-class software solutions, we focus on high-level customer support with professional onboarding, trainings and various other services to ensure our customers can use all aspects of their new tools. With our expertise and unwavering German and English customer support we will simplify your workflows, save you time and money and help you achieve unparalleled efficiency. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace the future of digital collaboration!


digitize was founded to meet the increasing demand for specialized software tools that drive efficiency and productivity in businesses. Our mission is to empower companies to unlock their full potential by offering tailored solutions, efficient workflows, seamless ticketing systems and collaborative tools. We take pride in understanding our customers’ unique needs through extensive consultations, ensuring that we deliver the software solutions they truly require. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, our dedicated team provides exceptional German- and English-language customer support as well as professional onboarding, trainings and other services to make your team feel comfortable with your software tools.

We are also known for our creative SaaS-solutions, including our renowned integration tool SyncSpider. SyncSpider enables seamless integration between – for example – Teamwork and any other app or software, offering enhanced functionalities and workflow optimization. Whether you already know your company’s software-needs or not – we help you determine the perfect solution for your specific requirements. At digitize, we believe in simplifying processes, reducing chaos and helping businesses thrive! Other technologies we support: SyncSpider, Freshdesk/Freshsales/Freshservice, Zendesk, Odoo ERP, Chargebee, Getmyinvoice Services offered in: German, English

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