The Job

Here at we've gone as far as we can with Cross-Platform Technologies for our mobile apps.  But it's just not good enough.  We want to take advantage of the very best that each platform offers.  It's not enough to be able to just get stuff done with our apps - we want them to be so good that people become addicted to using them.

So we're going fully native and we're putting together the best mobile team in the country to do it.

If you're a die-hard Android developer, this is your dream job: No legacy code, and the freedom and resources to do the best work of your career.

Get to know more about here.

Must Have

  • You must be passionate about Android.  You will be one of the driving forces for our Android apps, so we want you to love what you do.
  • This is for a senior developer role, we want to see substantial experience working on relevant Android apps.
  • We want to see that you've made some beautiful apps that you're proud of.
  • Strong attention to detail. 
  • Willing to learn.  You must have an open mind, be able to pick things up quickly and enjoy working with passionate people.

 What we we're not looking for:

Ninjas.  (Although if you want to do some martial arts in your free time that's fine too.)

Nice To Have

Ideally we'd also expect you to be familiar with the list below, but the main thing is your portfolio.  Show us with the stuff you've done.  Definite bonus points for putting together something using our API ( - doesn't matter how small.

Android Frameworks/Technologies:

  • AppCompat and Support libraries
  • Fragments
  • Material Design

Popular 3rd party Frameworks/Libraries:

  • Functional/Java 8: RxAndroid/RxJava
  • Networking: Retrofit/OkHttp/Ion
  • Image downloading: Picasso/Glide
  • Event Bus: EventBus/Otto
  • Database: Realm/ActiveAndroid 

Perks & Benefits

Working at isn't like a normal job. We believe in hiring only the best and then looking after them like they deserve. On top of a great financial package, we do everything possible to make a great place to work.

  • Competitive Salary, earn what you're worth, with regular reviews.
  • Unparalleled Freedom in how you do your job. Spot something that needs improving? Off you go, make it happen.
  • An unmatched Work Environment - built to make life easy and constantly improved.
  • Only the very Best Equipment - whatever your role, you'll have the very best kit to help you get stuff done.
  • Commitment to Growth. We want to see our team members grow and expand their skills. We're committed to your long term future at the company and will help you improve and enhance your skills. 
  • Subsidized  Gym Membership, you choose the gym.
  • Discounted Travel Schemes, Bike to Work Scheme, etc.
  • In-house Games Room.
  • Plenty of in-house Snacks and Refreshments.
  • Regular Company-sponsored Lunches and Nights Out.


Note for any recruitment agencies, recruitment services etc. We only hire direct applicants at, please do not contact us offering recruitment services. is not currently working with any recruitment agencies, if an agency has contacted you purporting to represent please note that they have not been authorised by the company to do so.

If you’re looking at our jobs page because a recruiter pointed it out to you, our advice is to apply to us directly. We are an equal opportunities workplace, everyone is welcome to apply to make a personal application to us directly for any available jobs.

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