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Maximize team resources with Workload

Workload gives you a quick overview of everyone's capacity, so you can manage resources more effectively, quickly reassign tasks, and ensure you deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Maximize team resources with Workload

Get a clearer understanding of team resources with Workload

Manage your team’s workload in real time. Get a complete picture of everyone’s capacity at a glance, and easily drill into tasks for additional details.


Avoid bottlenecks

Ensure your projects have enough resources to meet their deadlines, and have the flexibility to shift priorities.

Get powerful resourcing insights

Rely on real and easily-accessible data to see which team members are at capacity and which ones are available to take on more work.

Easily re-prioritize work

Quickly and easily re-assign work based on shifting deadlines and priorities, and add project resources as needed with a simple drag and drop function.

Make more informed decisions

Assess your team’s capacity for any given time period to make more accurate decisions on project delivery timelines and gauge whether you have the bandwidth to take on new clients.

Workload for agencies

When you’re managing lots of projects across several different clients, having a clear understanding of how and where your resources are being used is essential.

See your team’s workload across multiple client projects

With lots of concurrent projects to manage (and clients to impress), it’s paramount that your account managers and project managers can get immediate insights on how the team’s resources are being used — and what’s left to work with.

Plan resources for upcoming projects

Get a deeper understanding of each project’s resourcing needs, so you can forecast better for future projects and see when you have scope to take on new clients or projects.

Flexibly respond to change

When deadlines shift unexpectedly, resources can become unavailable. Workload allows you to quickly and easily reallocate work or add more resources to ensure that your project doesn’t go off track.

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