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Teamwork offre libertà e opportunità per consentire al tuo team di lavorare a modo loro.

Iscriviti per una prova gratuita di 30 giorni. Nessuna carta di credito richiesta. presents top-level information in a colorful way — but when you need to dig deeper for functionality, it’s not as robust or as feature-rich as Teamwork. is missing key features that allow your team to achieve their goals efficiently.

However, features such as subtasks, task dependencies, client users, and un-capped integrations can all be found in Teamwork. When comparing the two, Teamwork offers more options, more freedom, and more opportunities to empower your team


I like the fact we can all access it everywhere – not only to keep on top of my own workload but to see what the rest of the team is doing. The integration with other apps and files is fantastic and it makes billing (and client reporting) really easy.

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Teamwork vs Monday:

Everything you need to consider when comparing Teamwork and

Better task management doesn’t have subtasks or task dependencies, meaning that users can’t break down project plans to a granular level or allow tasks to be dependent on the completion of others. Teamwork has both so you can organize your work how you want, every step of the way.

Greater communication features with Teamwork

Limited client access

With, you can invite clients to collaborate on a board however there is limited custom privacy and will cost you money. Four external guests count as one paid user which adds up quickly when you work with a lot of clients.

With Teamwork, you can add unlimited client users completely free of charge and tailor their privacy to control exactly what they can and can’t see.

Centralized files area with Teamwork compared to

Not fit for large complex projects isn’t a true project management tool. With no project start or end dates, basic task management, and its excel-like structure means it’s good for managing work but not complex projects.

Teamwork makes it easy to manage large, complex projects. You can add large amounts of detail to projects and tasks without being overloaded with information — so you can deliver more complex projects in less time.

Better privacy settings within Teamwork versus

Limited integration actions

With, the Standard plan limits you to only 250 actions while the Pro plan limits you to 25,000 actions between two integrated apps per month. This makes it difficult to understand what plan to choose as you need to track how many integration actions you use each month.

With Teamwork, there’s no cap on the number of actions performed with an integration. This means you can focus on streamlining your workflows and getting work done – without need to worry about hitting limits.

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Superb project management tool with so many interesting features

Martha Batruny, IT Manager, Perficient

I would say Teamwork is the easiest way of setting up new tasks as well as projects. It also helps me in managing my whole team and monitoring various activities. It enables the users to work happily and comfortably on different projects. Moreover, it helps us in creating schedule and set up other priorities too.

Comments (Benefits)

Overall Teamwork is entirely a very useful product which is equally helpful for both small as well as medium companies. So it is highly recommended to others.

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Why choose Teamwork over Basecamp?

Teamwork is a rounded system that offers you more.

Why choose Teamwork over Trello?

See the metrics that matter for your project.

Why choose Teamwork over Asana?

Deliver projects for teams of all sizes with Teamwork.

Why choose Teamwork over

Organize your work how you want, every step of the way.

Why choose Teamwork over Wrike?

Essential features like invoicing and reports are missing.

Why choose Teamwork over MS Planner?

Teamwork provides more power to achieve your goals.

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