About SurgeFront

SurgeFront’s clients include the Darden Group (Olive Garden), the University of Pennsylvania, & the U.S. Institute of Peace. As thefirst certified Teamwork experts in the United States, you can trust that we have the experience to empower you to reach your goals.

How are we different from others?We don’t just show you a powerpointof how to use Teamwork, we custom tailor each session to fit your needs like a glove.

Contact us today for a free Teamwork training or consultation atteamworkexperttraining.com

  • “I highly recommend your training services foranyone” -Marjie Snyder, VP/CFO ofTrivera Interactive

  • “SurgeFront’s training reallyopened our eyes as to how much we aremissing out on Teamwork” - Cody Clifton, Project Manager at KwikturnMedia

  • “Fantastic!!” “Would definitely use them again” - Bill Wright, CEO of Wrightsoft

Why SurgeFront?

  • Custom Teamwork reporting options - you name it we can probably create a custom report for it (beyond Teamwork’s native capability)

    1. Including advanced workload reporting (which staff are over or under-utilized).

    2. Status of all projectsat a glance (which are ahead or behind schedule)

    3. andhundredsof other reports...

  • Tips on how to take actions that normally take 4-5 clicksdown to 1 click

  • Centralization of communication- rather than trying to track down the most current info and attachments in scattered email threads

  • Ensurestaff adoption of Teamwork

  • We arebusiness process design experts

  • Accelerate productivity using tips and tricks used at top companies (including clients we do non-Teamwork related projects for such asComcast, Beretta, the Utah Jazzand many more)

  • Discover the integrations and tools available toautomate many areas of your business

  • Make thetransition to Teamwork quick and easy

Whether you are new to Teamwork or looking for a refresher course, we offer a training experiencetailored to fit your needsOur expert services include the following:

  • Free 30-minute remote trainings and/or consultations - no cost or commitment

  • Onsite Training - bring our experts on site for 1- or 2-day comprehensive training

  • Virtual Training - get your training even sooner with our remote training packages

  • New Employee Onboarding- bring new employees up to speed quickly and inexpensively on Teamwork software

  • Account Audit- a full overview of your Teamwork account with expert feedback on how to improve.

Sign up for expert Teamwork training with SurgeFront and join the thousands of productive individuals who are already profiting from the benefits of the best project management software in the world—with help from the best experts in the business.

We’re passionate about Teamwork and world class project management and are100% committed to exceeding your expectations!

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