Optimice la comunicación con el cliente con Teamwork Desk

Administre las solicitudes de los clientes, las comunicaciones del proyecto y los servicios de soporte de marketing y agencias web desde un espacio compartido.

Con Teamwork Desk, puede brindarle a su equipo una visibilidad total de todas las interacciones, para que no se pierda nada en los correos electrónicos personales y pueda brindar asistencia a sus clientes de manera más eficiente a escala.

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El problema del correo electrónico para agencias de marketing y web

El poder de Teamwork Desk

Build teamwork into client-agency communication

One central communications hub

Turn emails into tickets to track, manage, and prioritize client conversations from one central hub so you can be confident that nothing goes unanswered. Email threads are all in one place, so anyone who needs to can jump in or out and see where things stand with a client.

Know who’s working on what

Make your team more responsive by assigning a ticket to the right person to avoid any duplicate work or confusion — so everyone on the team knows exactly what they need to respond to.

Group your most important tickets together

Set up a Smart Inbox to group tickets that are most relevant to you. You can create a Smart Inbox based on criteria like “tickets assigned to me”, “tickets I’m following” or “high-priority tickets”, so you can get to what’s important, quicker.

Cut out the tedious work with automation

Auto-organize, prioritize, categorize, assign and manage tickets using triggers to automate repetitive work or using canned responses to answer frequently asked questions — saving you time and freeing you up to support your clients.

Seamless internal communication

Communicate internally and ask questions in context by writing a note on the ticket. Avoid forwarding emails, creating unwieldy and confusing threads, and unnecessary CCing to loop in other teammates, and keep all relevant conversations in one easy-to-find place.

Gestionar proyectos y comunicaciones de clientes

Teamwork para agencias

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