I am very happy to announce our fourth (and not final) billing integration; it is a big one. QuickBooks Online! This integration works very similarly to our other integrations. There is one difference though, and that is in setting up the connection between Teamwork and QuickBooks Online. I have outlined the steps involved below. We hope you find it useful!

QuickBooks Online Setup

1. Choose an Invoice and click the Export Invoice link at the bottom of the page. 2. A dialog appears asking you to choose an export option. Choose QuickBooks and click the export button. 3. Another dialog appears asking for your connection key. To get your connection key click the Set Up Connection link on the top right. 4. This brings up another window asking you for your QuickBooks login details. If you are currently logged in this step will not apply. 5. Click Continue. 6. Enter a connection name or leave it as the default Project Management. Click Continue. 7. Click the No option for login security. 8. This will bring up another window confirming your choice of login security. Click “I still want to turn login security off” to confirm. Then click Create Connection. 9. This page will contain your connection page. Copy the connection key to you clipboard (The Copy to clipboard link doesn’t work consistently so do a manual copy of the key). 10. Now you can click continue and close the window. 11. Go back to your TeamworkPM Account and paste your connection key into the field. Click Authenticate. 12. A loader should appear once your key has been authenticated and then a list of companies associated with your QuickBooks Online account should be loaded in. 13. Choose a company and click Export to QuickBooks. 14. You’re done! When you go to export another invoice the list of companies should appear immediately.