Warum sollten Sie Teamwork anstelle von MS Planner wählen?

Teamwork gibt Ihrem Team die Flexibilität, auf ihre eigene Weise zu arbeiten.

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MS Planner is a basic project management tool. When compared to Teamwork, it is missing most of the key functionality that project managers need to run projects efficiently. With only tasks and boards as the core features of MS Planner, flexibility is limited from the outset.

In comparison, Teamwork includes all the features of MS Planner and a whole lot more. From more basic features like task tags, logging time, file uploads, and notebooks to the more complex dashboards and advanced filtering – Teamwork provides more power and flexibility to achieve your goals in one central place.

We don’t lose track of anything because it is all on teamwork. We can set reminders for things that arent immediately actionable and easily break down larger projects into bitesized pieces so that we can hit targets on time and with high quality.

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The top reasons why companies use
Teamwork vs MS Planner:

Everything you need to consider when comparing Teamwork and MS Planner.

Better reporting with Teamwork Projects

More project visibility

MS Planner only offers a top-level overview of your projects so you can’t dig deep into how a project is progressing. This lack of detail can put your projects at risk as you won’t have the means to catch serious issues early on. Teamwork offers full visibility from the dashboard so you can be kept up to speed on all aspects of a project at a glance.

Greater communication features with Teamwork

Better client

With MS Planner there is no way of adding external companies or clients to your workspace which makes it difficult to share vital project information with key stakeholders. Teamwork allows you to add clients as collaborators on specific projects at no cost. This means clients can quickly and easily interact with projects and see how it is progressing.

Centralized files area with Teamwork compared to MS Planner

files area

There is no central place to store files in MS Planner which can lead to a messy and disjointed workflow. Teamwork has a dedicated area for you to store important files and documents for quick and easy access. Teamwork also has a dedicated notebooks area for you to add project notes – keeping you and your team in the loop from one place.

Integrated time tracking within Teamwork versus MS Planner

time tracking

Time tracking is integral to the success of a project. You can’t track time in MS Planner without the use of an external, third-party tool. When you’re working with Teamwork, you can quickly log time against tasks using the Teamwork Timer app to help you deliver work on schedule.

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Overall Quality

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Superb project management tool with so many interesting features

Martha Batruny, IT Manager, Perficient

I would say Teamwork is the easiest way of setting up new tasks as well as projects. It also helps me in managing my whole team and monitoring various activities. It enables the users to work happily and comfortably on different projects. Moreover, it helps us in creating schedule and set up other priorities too.

Comments (Benefits)

Overall Teamwork is entirely a very useful product which is equally helpful for both small as well as medium companies. So it is highly recommended to others.

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Why choose Teamwork over Basecamp?

Teamwork is a rounded system that offers you more.

Why choose Teamwork over Trello?

See the metrics that matter for your project.

Why choose Teamwork over Asana?

Deliver projects for teams of all sizes with Teamwork.

Why choose Teamwork over Monday.com?

Organize your work how you want, every step of the way.

Why choose Teamwork over Wrike?

Essential features like invoicing and reports are missing.

Why choose Teamwork over MS Planner?

Teamwork provides more power to achieve your goals.

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