As your business grows, so does your tech stack. Adding apps like instant messaging, customer support, document management, email marketing, design, and developer tools, as well as Teamwork, can mean your team waste time each day switching between apps and manually transferring data. 

When productivity and efficiency are suffering, it’s time to integrate the apps in your stack so you can save time on jumping between tabs by syncing data and automating your workflows. Our newest integration with allows you to connect Teamwork with 100+ of the leading cloud apps like Shopify, Gmail, WordPress, Calendly, Mailchimp, Facebook, and more so you can automate time-consuming tasks and connect your tech stack —without writing a single line of code. and Teamwork

If you’re new to, it can be described as a connection that ties two cloud-based apps together. It allows you to create simple one-to-one integrations or complex workflows for automating sales, marketing, and business processes. The drag-and-drop nature of means anyone can set up integrations between apps. 

It works by combining Triggers like “New Task” and Actions like “Add a Task” to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another. Combinations of Triggers and Actions are called Bots and these are what automate your repetitive processes.

For example, you can create a Bot so that every time you receive an email in Gmail, it creates a task to a specific project and task list in Teamwork. Here, Gmail is the trigger app using the New Email trigger, and Teamwork is the action app using the Add a Task as an action event.


Customize your workflow even further by specifying which Gmail folder in which to search for new emails or apply additional search filters to emails –  so you can create tasks from specific emails that fit the criteria unique to your workflow. 

You can further customize your workflows the way you want using’s in-house tools—Format data, add conditional logic, or time delay in your Teamwork workflows.

Here is an overview of the triggers and actions you can use with the Teamwork and integrations:


  • New Task: Triggers when a new task is added

  • New Task List: Triggers when a new task list is added

  • New Calendar Event: Triggers when a new calendar event is added


  • Add a Task: Creates a new task

  • Add a Task List: Creates a Task List in a Project.

Sound good?

This is only a fraction of what’s possible using the Teamwork and integration. Sign-up to here to start saving your team time by automating processes between Teamwork and your favorite apps. Check out our help doc here on how to get started. 

This is a third-party integration built and supported by the team at We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, or have any queries, please contact the team at or via their 24×5 live in-app chat.