Teamwork Customer Trainings

Welcome to the Teamwork Customer Training site. You can become a Teamwork expert by watching the on-demand training videos below and signing up to our regular live training sessions.


Teamwork’s free customer training course consists of 5 on-demand videos. These sessions will teach you how to use Teamwork’s platform to manage projects, clients and your team, track every billable minute on your projects and run your clients services business with the flexibility you need to grow. Our customers who have completed this training series to date gain expert knowledge with Teamwork and leverage the Teamwork platform to manage their projects and clients effectively.

We also offer live training sessions. If you prefer to join one of our live trainings, our Teamwork experts will be on hand to answer any questions you have during and after the trainings. Please Register below.

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Getting started with Teamwork

During the webinar we cover some core features that can help any Teamwork user to get up to speed quickly and implement effective workflows for your team and project work.

Deliver your Work on Time and within Budget with Templates and Project Health Reporting

This second part of our webinar series guides you through the process of templating your returning processes and staying on top of your projects. We're covering Project categories and tags, Templates, Project Health and Planned vs. Actual Reporting.

Manage your projects with Portfolios

In this session, we get into managing your projects from a bird’s eye view with portfolios. We’re covering features such as pre-requisite permissions, portfolio boards, triggers for automations and filters for more in-depth reporting.

Build custom dashboard views with Home and Dashboards

Either personal or shared, you can build custom dashboard views using different metrics based on specific projects and project items. We explain panels like project health breakdowns, task list burndown, time or project budgets and more.

Manage the big picture from Anywhere with the Teamwork Mobile App

In this webinar, we walk you through the Teamwork Mobile App - your partner to keep your projects moving while you're on the go. We dig into features such as task lists, boards, templates, time tracking and more.

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Your sucess is our success

As your team begins using Teamwork, the success of both their adoption of Teamwork and the execution of your projects lie with you. Our Success Planner highlights the nine most critical features essential for success with Teamwork. Take control of your organizational adoption and get access to critical information on what features you use and the additional resources to implement certain features you haven't explored yet. Learn how to view your Teamwork Success Planner