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Danny Gargano
Company Name
United World Telecom
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Delray Beach, FL, United States

Communication is the cornerstone of every business, and United World Telecom is delivering innovative telecommunications solutions to large, medium and small companies across the globe. Their virtual phone numbers and virtual phone systems contain an array of features that can be managed from a simple control panel, giving users access, full control over all of their incoming and outgoing calls.

After 20 years in the industry, United World Telecom had almost perfected its service to clients but was always looking for ways to improve internal communication and workflows. Danny Gargano, Online Marketing Manager, said that the marketing team turned to Teamwork Projects three years ago to increase transparency and align their processes. Now they’re enjoying smoother collaboration, faster project completion, and the confidence of knowing exactly where everyone’s time is being invested.

Zero-growth workflows

Before Teamwork Projects, United World Telecom was using Word documents and Outlook to record and share information but keeping track of projects was difficult and productivity was starting to suffer. “They were not the most efficient tools for our purposes,” he said. “Without visible lists of tasks and responsibilities, we couldn’t outline task progression or track other team members’ progress.”

It’s normal for the marketing team to work across various projects with multiple hierarchies and processes at once. Prior to Teamwork Projects, they could not find a way to organize and maintain these processes in a consistent, efficient way as the projects progressed and tasks were handed off to team members across the company. It was especially challenging as the team was producing large amounts of content that needed to be created, reviewed, formatted, and posted within ambitious deadlines. Without a single platform for sharing collateral and mapping out the steps in all of the projects, the team was spending far too much time locating material, getting status updates, and trying to manage their work using tools that weren’t meeting their needs.

Automatic improvements

Research for a project management tool could have been a lengthy process, but a colleague who used the software in a previous job thought it would be a good fit for United World Telecom, so they introduced it to the marketing department first. They needed a way to track and manage internal content production that exceeds 100 articles some months, plus content for offsite websites. “Each piece passes through three or four different checkpoints before publishing, so having software like Teamwork Projects to keep tasks and responsibilities straight has been a substantial improvement for us,” Danny said.

Coordinating all of those pieces of information and handoffs happens fluidly in Teamwork Projects. The hierarchies that are built into the software allow each team member to see all of the steps in the process — including their own — within a larger context, and gives them a perspective that automatically motivates people to move quickly on their tasks so the entire project stays on target. “Research, editing, and coordination with other teams like graphic design or development happen much more quickly because everyone can see how their work is connected to everyone else’s”.

He admitted that some people were reluctant to give up their traditional methods for getting work done, but now every department is on board: the IT department, customer service, office managers and administrators. They use the tools for simple things like the built-in calendar for scheduling meetings and their most complex planning needs, like building out entire development projects.

Once everyone was on board, they noticed that productivity seemed to automatically improve. Teamwork Projects tools made their workflow more efficient and allowed for better productivity and collaboration. There’s one feature that he credits with giving them more control and transparency: Time Tracking.

“Tracking time has been a big advantage. Before Teamwork Projects, there was no accountability. But now employees are paying more attention to the time they spend on their tasks, and we have also been able to maintain quality for our content and keep a better track of tasks and processes required to produce quality work,”.

Best practices, better productivity

Today, team members don’t just “feel” that they have increased productivity, they know. The results are right there, showing them that they are completing tasks sooner, meeting milestones on-time more often, and getting hard evidence about how long their work actually takes to complete.

“Now we have the ability to measure the cost of manpower per task,” said Danny. “Before we could account for only half of what our employees were doing. But now, we are able to account for almost 90%. Less lost time means more captured revenue.”

Data points that are harder to quantify are still very important. Team members can tell that all of the processes and features are streamlined and straightforward. There are fewer questions about what to do next or who’s responsible. And now, there’s more trust across the entire team because managers are able to see progress immediately.

I can’t imagine going back to life without Teamwork Projects. It would be a disorganized mess, and we would waste so much time just managing our task lists.

Danny Gargano, Online Marketing Manager

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