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Teamwork CRM helps A Simple Office Solution increase revenue

Teamwork CRM helps A Simple Office Solution increase revenue
Company Name
A Simple Office Solution, Inc
Financial Services
St. George, Utah. United States

A Simple Office Solution, Inc. adopted Teamwork CRM for its single-platform solution in July 2019. Their full-service finance and accounting team delivers exactly what their name promises: services tailored to businesses that are managing growth in an ever-changing marketplace.

A Simple Office Solution in St. George, Utah, helps their clients reduce uncertainties and financial complexity so they can focus on what they do best — developing their businesses. Behind the scenes, however, the team was struggling with its own collection of non-integrated apps and platforms they had assembled to manage their growing lists of tasks, projects, and clients and prospects.

Monica Perez, Director of Operations at A Simple Office Solution, turned to Teamwork CRM for a single solution to manage their sales pipeline. Her company was already using Teamwork and Teamwork Chat to streamline their workflows, so adding Teamwork CRM was an intuitive choice to get more visibility and control over their sales process. With one login for all three apps, her team now has full transparency over their company projects, can communicate synchronously with each other, and has everything they need to organize their processes, manage their pipeline and report on what matters to grow the bottom line.

Taming and untangling workflows

For A Simple Office Solution, the problem was clear: too many apps meant that work was becoming slow, unproductive, and inharmonious. Different team members had different tools that they preferred for completing their work, and as the company grew, there were more tools and more team members. Eventually, there were too many interfaces to work around.

“We had to jump around on several programs to track everything,” said Monica. “We had one platform for project management, another for client data, another for sales tracking, and then spreadsheets, too.

They were losing time cycling between programs to grab or update the information they needed, and every switchover was another opening for distractions. It was taking new employees a long time to get familiar with each separate program, and the patchwork system they had in place was stealing time they could have been devoting to developing a better pipeline for turning new leads into long-term clients.

Monica started researching a platform that could do everything she needed, without a steep learning curve. After comparing several products,she landed on Teamwork CRM. As part of the Teamwork product suite, she knew that it would integrate beautifully with the core Teamwork apps they were already using, giving her team one central platform where they could monitor all of their projects at every level and develop their sales pipelines with the same ease.

Center of everything

The team at A Simple Office Solution quickly realized the value Teamwork CRM could deliver. Every time team members thought they might have to stick with their old makeshift CRM, the same functionality (and more!) was available in Teamwork CRM: detailed notes about interactions with leads, clear direction about the next actions in lead nurture, and the ability to sort and manage their entire sales pipeline. “We were so glad to have everything in one place,” said Monica. “There were so many options available that matched our specific needs.”

Integrating business essentials quickly gave A Simple Office Solution better working relationships with each other and with clients. No one was searching through emails to find the document they needed — or the notes from the last conversation they had with the client. “We were having more productive conversations with leads because everything was in the same place.”

“This was another way we made it simple to do business with us, and clients noticed. We started building better relationships.

Since they started using Teamwork CRM, prospects got better follow-up calls and targeted care because of the increased visibility that sales had over their leads, opportunities and upcoming activities. Instead of consulting several spreadsheets and notes from previous calls, team members can get a full overview of interaction with prospects and any calls scheduled from one central place. Each client is different, but Teamwork CRM allows the sales team to customize their sales pipeline for different markets and sales cycles. “Our client base is made up of a myriad of industries and we are able to adapt our services to each individual businesses needs.” “Tailoring these pipelines to fit the timelines and goals of our prospects has given us the ability to attract varying clients and offer them exactly what they’re looking for” said Monica. With so many prospects in the pipeline and current customers requiring ongoing services, Teamwork CRM gave the entire team one place to manage the sales side while Teamwork Projects allowed them to collaborate on the work. Fewer details fall through the gaps as leads and opportunities progress through the pipeline, and there are plenty of moments when managers can see when to pick up the pace or drop ineffective workflows.

Reporting tools in Teamwork CRM have turned hours of collecting data for progress reports into seconds. Team members can get an instant snapshot of progress made on key metrics so resources can be realigned quickly when needed.

Responsiveness and revenue

Monica expected cost savings by going from multiple programs to a single solution, but most of the gains emerged from surprising places. When team members weren’t spending a significant amount of their time updating data or searching for information across platforms, they naturally dedicated more time to checking off tasks, following up with new leads, or looking for openings to upsell services. “It was like an unexpected injection of momentum and revenue. We were bringing in more money because we had the time to access all of the opportunities sitting in front of us,” said Monica.

This uptick in business has given A Simple Office Solution a renewed sense of purpose, too. Now that they have more command of the process and less friction in their workflows, every aspect of their business has gotten easier.

“Teamwork CRM gave us better alignment and more visibility, and now we’re in control every day. I didn’t anticipate that one platform could make this much improvement in just a few months.

– Monica Perez, Director of Operations at A Simple Office Solution, Inc

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