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Teamwork CRM offers features that takes care of the logistics, so you can focus on closing deals.

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Chat Features - Teamwork

Sales pipeline management

Bring clarity to a chaotic sales pipeline. Streamline your sales process by organizing and managing your deals so you and your team can focus on making the sale.

Multiple pipelines

Create and manage custom pipelines for processes, sales teams, or markets, for an even more tailored sales cycle.

Pipeline board view

Get a clear overview of every stage of your pipeline and help your team to spot blockages, bottlenecks — and opportunities.

Customizable pipeline stages

Work your way by customizing your pipeline with your own clearly-defined sales stages and segments.

Leads and opportunities

Separate your deals into leads and opportunities to create an even more results-focused pipeline and give you more accurate forecasting for projected revenue.

Sort and filter deals

Sort and filter your leads and opportunities to quickly see your pipeline from any angle and get a better picture of where to allocate your resources.

Deal auto-prioritization

Automatically sort the deals in your pipeline in order of importance to you, so you'll always know the critical ones to follow up on at any moment.


Get results by focusing on the things you can control. Set up activities such as calls, tasks, meetings, or emails to help you get closer to closing a deal.

Product library

Get an accurate quote for a potential deal in an instant by building out a custom library of your products and pricing so you can automatically generate quotes for a deal.

Reporting and forecasting

Monitor key metrics to get a better understanding of how you and your sales team are performing, so you can pinpoint areas for improvement and forecast results with greater accuracy.

Sales reporting

See the bigger picture of how your team is performing using visual reports. Quickly gauge whether you’re on track to hit your targets or if enough new deals were added this month, and measure results to make sure the bottom line grows.


Accurately predict future sales for a period of time to help guide your pipeline and focus your sales team.

Stage probability

Set the probability score for each stage of your pipeline so you quantify the likelihood of closing a deal — helping you to forecast potential revenue for your business.

Contact management

Your ultimate network: one place to store and organize all of your prospect and customer contact information. Teamwork CRM can help you build your network for better, longer-lasting customer relationships.


Capture important details for your points of contact in every company, and collect and organize all of your contacts in one place so you can focus on building better relationships.


Store company information for a deal you’re working on and link it to the contacts you’re interacting with in that business.


Capture specific customer information that can uniquely help your business by adding custom fields to your Contact and Company forms.


Free your team to achieve more and focus on what they do best by using tools that work together, beautifully.

Teamwork Projects

Streamline your workflow and save time by creating a project in Teamwork Projects directly from a won opportunity in Teamwork CRM. If you’re onboarding clients, select a hardworking project template to create consistency across the board.

Teamwork Desk

Get visibility over the status of people contacting you in Teamwork Desk and see if they’ve already been created as a lead or opportunity in Teamwork CRM.

Teamwork Chat

Build communication into your workflow. Use Embedded Chat to kick off a conversation with your teammates from anywhere in the app.

Gmail add-on

Streamline your communication by creating a lead or opportunity directly from an email in your Gmail inbox.


Data import

Getting your data into Teamwork CRM is as easy as uploading a CSV - so you can get up and running in no time.


Win the deal wherever you are. With a fully responsive design, you can manage your deals on the go from any device.

API & Webhooks

Build custom features, reports, automate processes, and connect Teamwork CRM to other software using our open API.

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