• Available on desktop, web, and mobile

    Teamwork Chat is available on your desktop, web browser, and your mobile.

  • Direct Conversations

    Privately talk to individuals with direct messages.

  • Integrates with Teamwork Projects

    Create tasks within Teamwork Chat. Talk to users from Teamwork Projects.

  • Integrates with Teamwork Desk

    Chat to your team in Teamwork Desk.

  • Permanent Chat Rooms

    Collaborate with your teams in permanent chat rooms.

  • Always in sync

    All actions are synced across your apps.

  • Quick Conversations

    Strike up quick, informal, and temporary conversations with people.

  • Markdown support

    Easily communicate with your teams using bold, italics, lists, embedded links, and more Markdown tricks.

  • @mentioning

    Quickly notify your team using @all and @online, or @mention them directly.

  • Notifications

    Choose between browser, email, and push notifications.

  • Reply via email

    Reply to conversations from your email.

  • Attach files

    Easily attach files, images, videos, links, and notes to your messages.

  • Have fun

    Get your point across with hundreds of available emoji and support for GIFs. All of emoji-cheat-sheet.com are supported. Type ":" to see an auto-completed list of emoji suggestions.

  • Secure and private

    Your data is just that. We won't copy it, modify it, or share it. We don't even have access to it.

  • Third party cards

    Send videos links within messages and they'll show up as cards. You can watch these videos without ever having to leave Teamwork Chat.

Unlimited everything!

Whether you're a company of one, or one thousand, Teamwork Chat is entirely free. We believe conversations inside businesses are too important to put limits on them.