Where communications and business meet, there is YOUNITY. Their office rests between the Alps and Lake Zurich, with a view to stop traffic, but with Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk backing them up, there isn’t much that stops these guys. As the business unit of the communications group, Wirz, YOUNITY focuses on consulting, project management, maintenance, and optimization of systems-based information and communications solutions.
We’re fans of all of our customers, so when we heard that YOUNITY is also a fan of ours, we couldn’t resist interviewing them. They started using Teamwork Projects one year ago, in Autumn 2014. Let’s read what Mario J. Kotschner, YOUNITY’s Head of Project Management, had to say about his work and how he and his team use Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk.
What motivates you?
To excite companies for new IT solutions in marketing and to help them reach their goals

How do you encourage creative thinking from your team and company?
All the necessary training and certifications for professional project and support management strengthen our team with the knowledge, expertise, and skills to be equipped to flex their own creativity. After that, our employees get a high responsibility for their own customers and to produce their own results. They are absolutely free to manage their own working days, from planning their projects to organizing their methods. This freedom motivates and offers them a high esteem. Of course, we use modern and interesting software, that makes the logistics and management of our work a little easier. Additionally, we do a lot of creative and fun events, like game tournaments, to offer fun at work.

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?
Find people who work very independently and have a passion for the field they’re working in. Prepare the right infrastructure for your employees. Give them nice workspaces, good software, a method they can use, and perspective. Also very important is to keep an open and direct relationship with all your employees – don’t set yourself above them, work as a team of equals!

Where do you see the startup culture headed in the future?
It’s hard to be successful as a startup, but it’s possible if you find the right niche. Startups are very important, they are very creative, have good and crazy ideas, they challenge the big players. In common they are very important for the market as they are as well responsible for further development of the economy.


What do you love about your work?
I love to consult with companies and show them the future of modern data handling.

What low-tech approach to tasks do you love?
To talk (talk, not chat, email, or whatever) directly with people solves a lot.

What are your biggest time management demands?
Definitely going for new pitches. It takes a lot of working time to prepare and manage a pitch. Especially when conducting several presentations, which require a lot of documentation work and many meetings. Often it takes more than a half year until there is a decision, you have to always go the extra mile.

What approach helps you achieve work-life balance?
I manage my working time myself. That allows me mostly to work according to my daily mood. If there is a lack of energy, I power up myself with going to the gym. That helps to reset and fresh up. On weekends, I try not to work or read emails, if possible.


Why do you choose Teamwork Projects to help run your company?
We were looking for a tool that helps to manage projects with PRINCE2. It should be a solution that allows all project teams to work with the same data and information. Easy to use and time saving. After an evaluation, Teamwork Projects was by far the best project management software for our needs. So far, we are still big fans of Teamwork Projects and for sure we took the right decision.

What kinds of projects and tasks do you manage with Teamwork Projects?
Large IT projects for marketing in trade and insurance branches.

What do you like about Teamwork Projects (features/functionality)?
First it’s very easy to use. It always happens what you expect. We like the easy handling of tasks, Gantt Charts, timesheets, and communication with our customers. The integration of Teamwork Desk is another plus.

How have you set up your Teamwork Projects to meet your particular needs?
We set task lists and tasks up according to PRINCE2. So, we setup a task for each management product. The management products get a start/end date and responsible managers. Inside these management product tasks, we handle documents, discussions, to-do, etc. We carefully define tasks for each step; pre-project, initiation stage, and delivery stage.

Would you recommend it to others?
Absolutely, the best project management software with a high usability.

If you could sum up your feelings about and happiness for Teamwork Projects in three sentences, what would you say?
It allows us to handle everything (and I mean everything) inside the tool, we don’t use any other tools for our work. It has an outstanding price/quality level. It stays up to date with new features to help us work faster and easier.

Please share a story of when Teamwork Projects saved the day.
In IT projects, customers rarely have a good sense for the real efforts involved in a task. Thanks to Teamwork Projects, we are able to check and proof the working time for each project and task, which were assumed and finally delivered.


Why did you choose to make the switch to Teamwork Desk?
As a startup, we were looking for a scalable solution for every party inside a project. It should be able to manage small and large projects inside the guidelines of PRINCE2. The expansion of Teamwork Desk allowed us to easily manage the support tickets within the same solution. We are now able to manage support request emails using Teamwork Desk and, if necessary, to open a task in an existing Teamwork Projects project.

In what department or way do you use Teamwork Desk?
We use it in our support department. Customers write their problem by email, we coordinate and manage them inside Teamwork Desk, as well as devoting time to the related task.

What you like about Teamwork Desk (features/functionality)?
Easy and beautiful GUI, integration in Teamwork Projects, possibility to open tickets by email.

How have you set up your Teamwork Projects to meet your particular needs?
For every customer we have a Support and Change/Feature Request project. There we create the tasks, store files and manage the time. Most of them relate on a ticket in Teamwork Desk.

Please share a story of when Teamwork Desk saved the day.
Probably, it saves our day every day. With Teamwork Desk, we are able to manage centralized all incoming requests and see a history of a task. That was not possible before.

Would you recommend it to others?
If you use Teamwork Projects, it’s the perfect add-on for handling your support.

If you could sum up your feelings about and happiness for Teamwork Desk in three sentences, what would you say?
Easy support management, lovely user interface, good integration into Teamwork Projects.

Another satisfied customer, but that doesn’t mean we’ll rest on our laurels. That just spurs us on to continue to improve and cater to the growing and evolving needs of our customers. Customers like YOUNITY and Moon River Software, Inc. We love supporting startups with our products and unparalleled customer support, so check out our other startup-focused blog posts this month as we turn the spotlight on fledgling companies from bootstrapped to venture-backed for our Industry of the Month in November.
Are you a startup needing to organize your tasks and workload or support your customers? Try Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk for free to see what they can do for you and your team!