For ages and ages I have been meaning to fix up the Everything -> All Active Tasks page. To my surprise, it seems that this page is VERY important to people, it’s pretty much the only page Fiona (our graphic designer) uses. I prefer to look at the Dashboard activity and work on my late and upcoming tasks. I might use this page more now 😉
First, I started by fixing a bug we had. Tasks that were associated with Task Lists which in turn were associated with Milestones showed on the Everything page as no due date!
Second, I wanted to make this page more like a check list of what needs to be done. I always have an A4 pad next to me when I’m working, so as I was sitting back contemplating how I can make it friendly looking, I thought “How about an A4 pad type listing?”
Here’s what it looked like before I started:
Working on something really cool this Easter Saturday
You can see how boring this page is. There was no real distinction between the Projects and the Task lists.
After a few cups of coffee and a quick drive in town to help out a friend, this is what I came up with.
Working on something really cool this Easter Saturday
This was getting close and I tweaked the colors a 1000 times. I even contemplated scanning in my A4 pad 😉
The problem I had with the above is:

  1. It was a 3 column layout that cramped the data on small screens
  2. It was hard to associate the tasks with the task lists
  3. The project and task list name kinda merge together and it’s not as user friendly as I wanted.
  4. Long project names + Long Task List Names = Messy Screen

It’s 23.53pm now and this is where I’m at. I’m getting happy with the layout now.
Working on something really cool this Easter Saturday
I like this because:

  1. The project stands out even though there is less emphasis on it.
  2. The task list is now an integral part of the task display and the indentation clearly makes it apparent that the tasks are part of that list.

That’s it for now. All going well, you’ll see the updates in the next live version of the software.